Begin Your Yoga Journey

Yoga Kula has run successful 6-week beginner yoga courses for the past 8 years and although our courses are temporarily paused we are still committed to bringing those new to yoga a chance to begin with a beginner-friendly session.

Getting started – a simple introduction to yoga

There’s never been a better time to start yoga. For thousands of years people have practiced it to help them find peace, improve their wellbeing and cultivate mental clarity. During times of stress, uncertainty and challenge, doing even the simplest of yoga practices can help you.

Postures and Principles of Hatha Yoga

If you’re thinking of trying yoga, join Becky for an introduction to the postures and principles of hatha yoga. You’ll take a look at some of the key asana (poses), learning how to do them safely and understanding why they can be beneficial.

It’s easy to do from your own home, and there will be plenty of instructions and demonstrations. You’ll also get suggestions on how you can continue to do your own practice.

Becky leads our well-established Begin course at Yoga Kula, and specialises in teaching beginners by making yoga accessible and suitable for every body.

Perfect for anyone that wants to start, or has just started, yoga. Please note, however, this class is not suitable for those who are pregnant.

Facebook Live Taster: Starting yoga – what you need to know

Thinking of starting yoga but not sure if it’s for you? Join Becky for a down-to-earth conversation about why anyone can do it. She’ll bust some of the myths about starting yoga, and answer any questions you might have, Plus, she’ll demonstrate a couple of poses you can try and home.

Becky specialises in teaching yoga to beginners, having taught Yoga Kula’s Begin course for over 7 years. She’s passionate about making yoga accessible to everybody.