After her wonderful Ashtanga Level 1 class on Saturday morning, we took some time out to chat with Claire Dambawinna, who will be leading our new 4 week; Begin // Build course starting on Thursday 18th October at 6pm.


Good morning Claire! We’re really excited about your brand new course, let’s talk about the importance of a good yoga foundation during practice, and how Begin // Build can support this. 


Your new Begin // Build course looks at breath, alignment, foundation and stability. Why are these principles of yoga technique important in a someones’ practice?

Knowledge of yoga technique is one of the most important aspects of our yoga practice, in order for us to practice safely and to avoid injury. With any posture, we always need to start with the breath. That’s the most important part – we have to breathe as we practice, not just to help relax and calm the body and the mind, but because if we’re not breathing properly, the body holds tightness and tension which is where injuries occur.

When we build postures, we work from the ground upwards, starting with a good, broad and solid foundation to build the postures from. We can then move on to explore the stability and correct alignment of the body. We start with the lower part of the body – feet, knees, hips, and lower spine, and then we can align the upper spine, shoulders, chest, neck and head. This allows the breath to flow evenly through the whole body.

What will students take away from the course?

Students will come away from the course with a good grounding in how to safely build and practice their yoga poses. Aside from focussing on technique, we’re also going to explore how this knowledge can be applied to different categories of poses. We’ll be able to deeply explore forward folds, twists, back bends and also standing postures. We’ll be able to really hone in on how having the foundation knowledge of the practice relays into the physical postures. This knowledge can then be taken forwards into classes.

If students would like to further expand on this knowledge after the course, we would recommend our Yoga Technique class on Thursday evenings at 8pm. Throughout the course, we will look at 4 categories of postures over 4 weeks, whereas in the Yoga Technique class, we would spend up to 12 weeks on a category. The class is the perfect way to take the learning even deeper and build that confidence in your practice.

Some students already regularly attend studio classes, would it be beneficial for them to join the Begin // Build course? 

Most definitely. The course is for everyone, and there’s always something to learn. For those newer to yoga, they’ll be starting their journey with good knowledge and stable practices from the beginning, whilst for students who already attend more dynamic classes, this is a great opportunity to focus on their technique and build good habits to practice safely. Of course all of this knowledge can be carried through to all classes.

You’ve been part of the Yoga Kula teaching team for almost a year now and we love having you here! How have you found your time with Kula so far?

Thank you for having me here. It’s been amazing! The team are so lovely and supportive, and that goes right through from the core team behind the scenes, to the teaching team and the students. There’s no sense of ego at Yoga Kula, it’s just a kind environment full of excited, passionate and like-minded people. We all learn from each other which has really helped me in my first year of teaching.  We even have Yoga Jam afternoons where we all share knowledge and spend time together. Kula means community, and there’s definitely a strong sense of that!

Would you like to add anything else?

Yoga in itself is for everybody. Every Body. It doesn’t matter about gender, age, size, shape, flexibility, as long as you have a body and you can breathe in and out, you can practice yoga. If you’re considering coming to yoga, stop considering and just do it. You won’t look back. There’s a style for everyone, whether you’re looking for something energetic or simply just want to relax, Kula will have something for you. No one ever regrets coming to practice and you’ll feel amazing afterwards.


Join our new Begin // Build course with Claire Dambawinna on October 18th at 6pm at The School of Philosophy. 

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