Autumn Embrace – Kula Well Woman Workshop

with Lara Heppell

Friday 17th October
7.30pm – 9.15pm

£17.50 drop in or
£15 pre-book


At the Autumn Equinox (September 23rd) there is a shift of emphasis from outward achievement to inner reflection and contemplation.

Some nice thoughts on this have been extracted from a great website about seasonal yoga practices, which I love to refer to for seasonal inspiration.

They suggest in Autumn we are moving from:

Autumn EmbraceSun to Moon
Light to Dark
Yang to Yin
Outer Achievements to Inner Reflection
Action to Contemplation
Fire to Water
Growth to Dormancy and Incubation
Fruitfulness to Composting
Building up to Letting go
Movement to Stillness
Samana (movement) to Langhana (stillness)

Red-autumn-morningWhen I think about Autumn it really makes me feel this way; the crisp colours, the change in temperature the slowing down, the more inward focus……starting to long for cosy fires and more quiet nights in.

If we extend this view of the cycles of nature to include the cycles a woman experiences every month then there is a definite stage of each monthly cycle which corresponds to that of Autumn. Alexandra Pope explains it in an article on her website Women’s Quest from which I have extracted some info below.

“In fact, the ebb and flow of the cycle is so strong it can be compared to the seasons.

Although the timing of each of Pope’s menstrual phases or ‘seasons’ is approximate, the four phases are generally fairly easy to pinpoint once you start to chart your cycle, says the author and facilitator, who suffered from severe endometriosis for many years………”

In a separate extract in the article she states. “From about day 21 to about day 25/26 you hit the pre-menstrual phase or ‘autumn’.

“The wheel turns and you start to come off the high; you may feel on a bit of a downer,” says Pope.

However, she reassures, this phase can be a very practical one.

“Although your energy may be dropping you’re more sensitive to things; you have more insight into what is working and what’s not working.

“Your eye becomes more critical and more assessing. You assess, analyse and edit.”

In this phase it’s also important to go a little more slowly and rest, she says.

“Don’t push yourself too much. As this phase develops, a woman will feel like she wants to withdraw more.

“This is why women can get cranky and irritable around this time — it’s a time when you need to take care of yourself.”

Women who don’t understand the shifts in their cycle and its effects tend to be unnecessarily hard on themselves, she explains.

“You expect yourself to be the same as you were in previous phases and you are not. This phase is quite a creative time, it’s also a good time to polish up your work so if you know what is going on you can capitalise on it.”

If your energy levels are low and you feel less able to put yourself out, don’t force yourself.

Around day 26 or so, she says, expect to move into the menstrual phase, or ‘winter’………

So with this view in mind Autumn Embrace has been designed to hold us in a loving embrace, as we take time some time out of our busy lives to be with other women: to breathe, relax, nurture, ground and balance ourselves with the vital practices of Well Women yoga. Inviting in some much needed space and time for renewal, ensuring our energies can be restored and refocused for the rest of the year ahead.

A candlelit workshop encouraging us to slow down; reflect and welcome in the blessings for the rest of year… there will be treats afterwards and time for a shared supper and lots of chat!


This workshop is open to all women at all ages/ stages of life (babes in arms are welcome too!)
Cannot wait, do join me ladies!