free online yoga class

Free Online Yoga Class

Free Online Yoga Class

Have you been practising regular yoga online whilst in lockdown?

We have been hosting a range of online yoga classes since our studio closed temporarily in March which you can view by looking at our timetable. We are also running a range of free online yoga taster classes with a variety of Yoga Kula teachers and guest teachers.

What’s coming up?

Free Moon Salute with Helen Ince

Thursday 21st May 10am on Zoom and Via our Facebook Community Group.

What will the class involve? See below

Fancy learning a lovely short sequence of movements and breath to help you stay calm and grounded in these challenging times?

The moon salute is a wonderful, simple and accessible alternative to the more dynamic sun salutations. Join Helen Ince for this free YK LIVE session where she will guide you through each element of the sequence and use repetition to embed the salute in your memory – so you can use it whenever you need a little time out.

We kindly ask you to ensure you make your bookings a minimum of 1 hour before the class is due to commence, to ensure you receive the Zoom link before the class begins. If you book after this time you risk not receiving the class information. Please add to your contacts to avoid our emails going into junk or spam folders.

The class emails are sent up to 1 hour before the class begins and provide you with any additional information you may need, including necessary props or prop alternatives as well as the playlist.

lunar hatha

Lunar Hatha Pop-up Class

Saturday 23rd May, 3:30pm-4:45pm with Helen Ince

Join Helen for a cooling and gentle Hatha practice inspired by the grounding influence of the moon. We will move slowly through a sequence of asana designed to help us turn inward and foster a feeling a relaxation.
Using elements inspired by the Moon Sequence, we will tune in to the sense of letting go associated with a slow and steady exhale, encouraging us to embrace a feeling of calm.

Staying low to the ground with lots of lovely lunges and heart opening poses, we will really connect to the earth and cultivate a feeling of release.

The practice will end with a short rotation of consciousness; a guided meditation designed to help you relax deeply.

Some yoga experience needed.
There will be some modifications offered where possible to allow access to each pose.

Props to gather before the practice if you have them:
A blanket
A pillow
An eye bag

£8.50 // Not included in our YK LIVE passes

Yoga Teacher Training Online Q&A

Yoga Teacher Training Online Q&A

Yoga Teacher Training Online Q&A

Do you feel called to teach yoga one day? Would you like to discover more about supporting others to transform their lives through yoga? Have you considered training to become a yoga teacher? Join us for our Yoga Teacher Training online Q&A session this Saturday at 2pm-3pm.

Become a Yoga Teacher

Becoming a yoga teacher is an exciting path, supporting and inspiring others on their yoga journey.

Deciding where to train as a teacher is an important decision. Yoga Kula’s Yoga Teacher Training Course is a Yoga Alliance Professionals approved 300 hours and takes place over 18 months. This time period allows you time and space to take a deep dive into all of the aspects of becoming a creative, inspiring and professional yoga teacher. The right yoga teacher training course is rewarding, inspiring, challenging, supportive and transformational.

Free Class + Q&A

Join Yoga Kula for a LIVE session designed to give you a taste of our teacher training course and an opportunity to ask any questions you have around training to become a yoga teacher.

On the panel:

· Angela Sykes – Director of Yoga Kula and Course Leader

· Gillian Felton – Yoga Kula Teacher, Course Graduate and Yoga Teacher Mentor

· Jill Smith – Trainee on our 2nd cohort – graduating in the summer

· Megan Atkins – Trainee on our 3rd cohort, graduating June 2021

You can expect an afternoon consisting of:

· A 20 minute Yoga Class taught Kula style by course leader Angela Sykes

· A mini introduction to the course

· Q and A with our specialist panel

We can’t wait to see you there and take the first step on your yoga teacher training journey!

mental health awareness week

Mental Health Awareness Week

Does yoga help your mental health?

As we welcome Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 we thought there was no better way than to ask the Yoga Kula community if yoga has helped their mental health. This is what they had to say...

Kate Wolstenholme:

Kate WolstenholmeYoga has been the answer to much in my life, not least my mental health. I’d always had low self-esteem which manifested itself in self-destructive patterns of behaviour. I also never had that inner sense of self that we all need to feel at one the world and those around us. I wanted to do so much but was often prevented by a nagging voice telling me I couldn’t etc. I tried counselling over the years – some more successful than others… but nothing really helped. I knew the problems and the reasons for the problems – not much use if you can’t do anything to change those behaviours and thoughts though.

Yoga seemed to present itself to me, rather than the other way round. It really helped me when I started University and I felt “drowned” as all my structures had been removed – in fact it helped so powerfully and quickly I was on a total high after a few weeks. I didn’t have the tenacity to keep up and so it became something I just thought about and didn’t do. Just over 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a life-changing illness. A couple of other huge life changes have happened since – things I could have got really down about. It was after the diagnosis that I started attending Yoga Kula classes regularly. It’s hard to put simply, but I’ll try:

My Yoga practice gives me a sense of perspective, no matter what the problem it seems to allow me a wise insight that alleviates any unnecessary suffering, for me or others. I finish a tough day, I’m in a dark mood, I get on the mat and breathe… and within seconds I feel better. And when I move into postures I gain strength and vision. Recently meditation has become a central element to a deeper and more expansive understanding. One Yoga teacher at Kula says that for her, the Yoga really starts “off the mat”. I think this is so true, it’s had a profound and positive impact on my life. It’s like a really good friend who always makes you feel better and gives you a sense of perspective you hadn’t thought of. It takes you out of yourself and then back into yourself. It’s given me a deeper respect for my mind and body. Drinking would sometimes be a quick way to feel good, though the anxiety and hangovers weren’t so pleasant. Whilst I still really enjoy the odd glass of wine, I’d much rather start my Saturday mornings fully awakened in a Yoga class, looking out at the sun and knowing I’ve begun my day in the right way. I’m a much more stable, pleasant and happy person than I was before. Those negative thoughts are dealt with through my Yoga – it’s taught me I’m strong and equal to anyone.

Amy:Amy Bott

Yoga has helped me and my mental health in so many ways...

Knowing I always have a safe and calm place to go to whatever is going on. This quote sums it up well for me;

“Within you is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself - Hermann Hesse."

Breathing techniques have always helped me with anxiety and to keep me anchored in the present moment. I especially like alternate nostril breathing for helping me when I feel stressed.

Yoga nidra has helped me massively when dealing with periods of change in life when I can struggle with sleep. I was so relieved when I came across Nidra as I felt refreshed and rested for the first time in a long time.

It's also been great meeting other people interested in yoga. This has helped me feel part of a community and been hugely supportive.

Claire Brodley:

Claire BrodleyYoga has saved my mental health.

I look to my practice time and time again in challenging periods of my life as a way to remember what matters and that we are part of something bigger than our cares, worries and fears.

Pre-lockdown the Kula studio was the place I ran to when I needed to come back home to myself - for a soothing Hatha, a revitalising Restorative class or the moving meditation of Ashtanga that would make my problems appear almost solved after that hour on the mat.

Now I’ve created my own little sanctuary in my spare room, only consisting of my mat and props, and this space of yoga and meditation has quickly become my favourite place to be. Once I’m on the mat, wherever the mat is, there are no more to-do lists, no pressures, no competitions or things to achieve in every area of life. Instead, there is self-discovery, relaxation, freedom. That said, I can’t wait to be back in the warm, comforting space that is Kula, which for me feels like walking into a big hug every single time 😊



Dee Cowburn

Yoga has saved me lots of times, through life crises such as losing my mum and then when my baby was diagnosed with a life limiting condition, yoga stopped me falling
through the floor, and gave me and continues to give me a really healthy framework of movement and meditation that creates a sense of peace and well-being in my life despite external challenges and I honestly find myself more content than I’ve ever been as it guides me to a place of authenticity and keeps me there. It’s just quite frankly a magical thing to do and it’s a gift that just keeps on giving. Whatever you put in you get out, and I would say it’s a crucial part of protecting and sustaining my mental health.
Emma McGovern
Yoga helps my mental health in so many ways; it has literally saved me from post- natal depression in the past, so it is a very important part of my life. It helps me be present in the here and now and it has helped me listen and tune into myself. Yoga has given me a connection to so many wonderful people who share a common love of moving in time to the breath; connecting their mind and body as one. Without yoga I would be lost!
Bethany Rose
I’m Beth, I’m the operations co-ordinator at Yoga Kula - I think I’ve met most of the YK community, however if you aren’t sure who I am I’m the colourful-haired one behind reception in the studio, and you may have spotted me popping in at the start of your YK live classes as tech support!
I came to yoga in 2015, after almost a decade of struggling with my mental health and a number of diagnoses. Despite this, due to a lack of funding I’ve been unable to access much support in the traditional routes, and the support I did have was very limited. Just over 5 years ago, I decided to do something about it myself. I tried running, I tried drawing, I joined the gym, and eventually I found yoga. It took 6 months of continuously attending classes, before I was able to settle and stay for a full class, and relax into my body without my mind taking over. I would regularly leave sessions part way through, but sticking at it and knowing there was no pressure to do anything that didn’t suit my mind on any given day allowed me to slowly let my practice into my life. In 2017, I found Yoga Kula and my practice became even more important in my recovery, because I now had an incredible and supportive community of yogi’s around me who completely understood where I was in my process.
Everyone’s body is different, holding tensions and traumas in different ways in different parts of the body. I learnt to accept that there is no “right way” practice yoga, but as long as you’re doing what works for you and your body, that’s yoga!
By no means has my practice “cured” my mental health struggles, but what it has done is provided me with a toolbox of calming, anxiety reducing, and breathing techniques which I can use to support my health, and allow my body to feel whatever is happening on any given day, and walking through the studio doors every day into such a wonderful community is a very special kind of magic and something I'm really honoured to be a part of.

Begin your yoga journey

Begin Your Yoga Journey

Begin Your Yoga Journey

Yoga Kula has run successful 6-week beginner yoga courses for the past 8 years and whilst the studio doors may be closed for the meanwhile, we are still running our Beginners course online!

Getting started – a simple introduction to yoga

There’s never been a better time to start yoga. For thousands of years people have practiced it to help them find peace, improve their wellbeing and cultivate mental clarity. During times of stress, uncertainty and challenge, doing even the simplest of yoga practices can help you.

Postures and Principles of Hatha Yoga

If you’re thinking of trying yoga, join Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes every Monday for an introduction to the postures and principles of hatha yoga. You’ll take a look at some of the key asana (poses), learning how to do them safely and understanding why they can be beneficial. You can book your space by clicking here.

It’s easy to do from your own home, and there will be plenty of instructions and demonstrations. You’ll also get suggestions on how you can continue to do your own practice.

Perfect for anyone that wants to start, or has just started, yoga. Please note, however, this class is not suitable for those who are pregnant.

We’d also recommend joining Becky Hill for our Beginners Course which starts on Sunday 28th June. Becky specialises in teaching yoga to beginners, having taught Yoga Kula’s Begin course for over 7 years. She’s passionate about making yoga accessible to everybody.

Evening Energy Chakra Series

Evening Energy Chakra Series

Evening Energy Chakra Series

Join Binny in a series of special Sunday evening sessions to explore the energy centres within us. During these challenging times we invite you to bring harmony and balance to your being and chakras through pranayama (breathing techniques), mantra (sound), mudras (hand gestures) and flowing yoga asana (poses).


In this Evening Energy Chakra Series, we draw our attention gently to our Chakras – powerful energy centres within each and every one of us where our energy channels (Nadis) meet within the energy body.


When a chakra is out of balance, energy (Prana) can become stagnant in the body causing physical, mental, or spiritual pain. Through these chakra focussed sessions, we invite fresh vital energy back into our bodies.

Chakra Focus Each Week

Each pop-up will focus on a specific chakra giving us a deeper connection and understanding of our inner energetic powers.

Follow through the series to:

  • Open your heart
  • Discover your truth
  • Allow for surrender
  • Delve into self reflection
  • Find deep connection.

To enhance your experience we recommend bringing an item of the corresponding colour by your side as you practice; such as a crystal, flower or an item that is special to you.

Week 1: Sunday 19th April – Earth

Root // Muladhara

Colour // Red
Location // Base of the spine
Mudra // Earth
Mantra // Lam

We begin with the root chakra in a balancing and grounding sequence. Our first chakra connects us to the earth, creating a strong and stable foundation. Through pranayama, mudra, mantra and yoga asana we spearhead our attention from our head down into our bodies, directing the flow of energy into the feet, ankles, legs and pelvis. We find our strength, vitality and stability, to discover that everything we need resides within us.

Week 2: Sunday 26th April – Water Chakra

Water // Sacral

Colour // Orange
Location // Sacrum
Mudra // Shakti
Mantra // Vam

The water element is associated with the sacral chakra, this second chakra is the center of pleasure, playfulness, creativity, and delight; in this session we explore repetitive, playful, fluid, and rhythmic movement that brings a feeling of safety, delight and an overall sense of well-being. We flow through poses to allow us to open up to possibilities. Through a slow flowing sequence we turn our attention to our hips, we stay low to the earth to innate creativity and find ease within the body. Specific hip opening asanas will help us to aid the release of discomfort, in turn we loosen our grip within our lives allowing us to ebb and flow with ease rather than rigidity. Aiding transformation within relationships, including the one that we hold with ourselves.

Week 3: Sunday 3rd May – Fire

Solar Plexus // Manipura

Colour // Yellow
Location // Solar Plexus
Mudra // Matangi
Mantra // Ram

The third energy centre near our navel activates the fire of Manipura and connects us to our center. It withholds our personal power, confidence, strength, willpower and discipline. In this session we explore strong, powerful standing poses such as warriors & twists to invite courage and inner strength. We build heat through core strengthening poses, balancing energy within our centres.

Week 4 – Air / Heart

Colour // Green
Location // Heart Centre
Mudra // Hridaya
Mantra // Yam

We often protect our hearts and close them off to vulnerability, which may limit our experiences. Anahata or the heart centre is associated with the air element and feelings of openness, compassion, love and joy. We focus on heart-opening asana with balancing poses to fly with the air element, encompassed by lightness and expansiveness of being.


Taylor Selby

Pop-up Deep Strength Power Flow

Deep Strength Power Flow Pop-up Yoga Class

Join Taylor for a fiery and dynamic strength inspired Deep Strength Power vinyasa flow on Saturday 11th April, 2020 2-3:15pm.

This 75 minute flow will build heat from the inside out, beginning with pranayama and with a strong focus on core. We will find our power from our centre, and then use it to carry us through a fast paced sequence. Expect to move through a variety of core based exercises to fire up our centre body, and then use this heat to find stability throughout the rest of the flow. Our breath will connect us from one asana to the next as we rely on our inner strength to find stability in the body.

Expect to challenge yourself and reach deep within to cultivate strength and awareness throughout your entire body. Class will unwind with a soothing cool down followed by long and relaxing savasana.

How to book

Book this pop-up class in the usual way via your Mind Body online account. The session costs £5. The class will be live-streamed from Taylor’s home studio.


Read our latest blog on Yoga Kula giving free yoga to NHS Nurses and Doctors.

Read more about YK Live here.

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#seeyouonthemat #YKLive

#seeyouonthemat #YKLive

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free yoga nidra

Free Yoga Nidra

Free Yoga Nidra

We have received lots of feedback from our community about their troubles sleeping, whether that is getting to sleep, staying or sleep or not sleeping well at all.

So, what better way to enhance your sleep than with some Yoga Nidra. Did you know Yoga Nidra offers the equivalent of two hours of deep for one 30 minute session? What’s not to love about that. During this unsetting time, if you are struggling with your sleep routine perhaps try a regular Yoga Nidra routine and see if it helps. Let us know if it does.

Just so you know will also try to record some of the sessions which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Yogic Sleep 

Join Angela as she soothes anxieties and invites deep rest with a relaxing mini nidra via FB live. Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep which deeply heals and boosts inner reserves at these challenging times.

You need:

  • Blanket x 2
  • Pillow
  • Lavender oil

This FB Live will take place on the Yoga Kula FB page. Please invite your friends and family to join by sharing this event.

Join our community

Join our community on social media. We have lots of ways you can connect with Yoga Kula via social media whether that’s on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. We also have a closed Kula community Facebook group where our students can ask questions directly to teachers and chat with fellow yogis.


Read our latest blog on Yoga Kula giving free yoga to NHS Nurses and Doctors.

Read more about YK Live here.

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#seeyouonthemat #YKLive

#seeyouonthemat #YKLive

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Free morning yoga

Free Express Morning Flow

Free Yoga

As a thank you to our Kula community we are bringing you free express yoga videos every week via Facebook Live and Instagram Live. We will also record some of the sessions which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Start your day with yoga

Roll out of bed and stay in your Pj’s while you start the day off with fluidity, a light heart and a smile. Gather new energy into the body with this short yet warming flow. Designed to wake the body up, creating space to draw the new days vitality in. Feel renewed and refreshed for the day that awaits you. This session will be taught by Anna Hardy.

The Facebook live is taking place within our Facebook community group so please join the group prior to the session, links below

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Read our latest blog on Yoga Kula giving free yoga to NHS Nurses and Doctors.

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free yoga

Free Night, Night Yoga, Meditation + Massage Session

Free Yoga

We are faced with unsettling and worrying times ahead, but it is important that we try and remain grounded and balanced for our own health and to allow us look after others. When our mind feels full and active or we have feelings of anxiety or depression our ever-important sleep and the quality of our sleep can be affected.

Yoga for sleep

As part of our mission to keep the community at heart, Yoga Kula will be running free express videos via Facebook Live and Instagram live every week. Join Angela for a free express yoga, meditation and massage session on Wednesday 1st April 9:30pm-9:50pm to help you get a good nights sleep! Please wear your PJ’s, brush your teeth and wash your face before practice so you can roll right into bed….

You will need:

-Yoga mat
-Lavender oil
-Coconut oil (or another oil)

The Facebook live is taking place within our Facebook community group so please join the group prior to the session, links below

Join our Yoga Kula community on Facebook

You might also want to join us on some of our other social media channels too.

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Read our latest blog on Yoga Kula giving free yoga to NHS Nurses and Doctors.

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yoga sanctuary

Your Yoga Sanctuary at Home

Set-up your yoga sanctuary at home

To make the most of your much-needed you-time we encourage you to set up your yoga sanctuary so it feels inviting and relaxing.

We suggest being ready 15 minutes before class to allow you time to select the props or prop substitutes you might want to use, to get ahead of technology and to allow you time to breathe and settle before the class begins. By creating a relaxing home environment where you can practise you will truly get the most out of your class. Even if you have to clear it all away (because it's your main front room for example) after class, that extra care, attention and time will be worth it.

Here are some tips:

- Find props you usually like to use in class. A book in place of a brick or block, cushions in place of bolsters, a blanket, jumper and socks for savasana
- Set your lighting, perhaps dim the lights or put on a lamp or two
- Light some incense or your favourite candle
- Are you going to play some music during the class? We are sending Spotify playlists for some classes so check you have a separate speaker to play the music from or can you play it from your phone? Perhaps you can do a test before the class starts?

Finally, settle down and enjoy.

Don't forget to let us know how the classes are. We can only improve with your valued feedback, thoughts and options. Also we would love to hear your stories on how our classes are helping you during this difficult time. We are working hard to continue bringing you these classes and we hope to bring more classes in the weeks ahead.

Free Yoga for NHS Frontline Nurses and Doctors working in critical care (A&E and ICU)

Read our latest blog on Yoga Kula giving free yoga to NHS Nurses and Doctors.

Read more about YK Live here.

Support Kula and purchase your YK Live unlimited yoga pass here (30 live-streamed classes per week).

#seeyouonthemat #YKLive