Free morning yoga

Free Express Morning Flow

Free Yoga

As a thank you to our Kula community we are bringing you free express yoga videos every week via Facebook Live and Instagram Live. We will also record some of the sessions which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Start your day with yoga

Roll out of bed and stay in your Pj’s while you start the day off with fluidity, a light heart and a smile. Gather new energy into the body with this short yet warming flow. Designed to wake the body up, creating space to draw the new days vitality in. Feel renewed and refreshed for the day that awaits you. This session will be taught by Anna Hardy.

The Facebook live is taking place within our Facebook community group so please join the group prior to the session, links below

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Read our latest blog on Yoga Kula giving free yoga to NHS Nurses and Doctors.

Read more about YK Live here.

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free yoga

Free Night, Night Yoga, Meditation + Massage Session

Free Yoga

We are faced with unsettling and worrying times ahead, but it is important that we try and remain grounded and balanced for our own health and to allow us look after others. When our mind feels full and active or we have feelings of anxiety or depression our ever-important sleep and the quality of our sleep can be affected.

Yoga for sleep

As part of our mission to keep the community at heart, Yoga Kula will be running free express videos via Facebook Live and Instagram live every week. Join Angela for a free express yoga, meditation and massage session on Wednesday 1st April 9:30pm-9:50pm to help you get a good nights sleep! Please wear your PJ’s, brush your teeth and wash your face before practice so you can roll right into bed….

You will need:

-Yoga mat
-Lavender oil
-Coconut oil (or another oil)

The Facebook live is taking place within our Facebook community group so please join the group prior to the session, links below

Join our Yoga Kula community on Facebook

You might also want to join us on some of our other social media channels too.

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Read our latest blog on Yoga Kula giving free yoga to NHS Nurses and Doctors.

Read more about YK Live here.

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yoga sanctuary

Your Yoga Sanctuary at Home

Set-up your yoga sanctuary at home

To make the most of your much-needed you-time we encourage you to set up your yoga sanctuary so it feels inviting and relaxing.

We suggest being ready 15 minutes before class to allow you time to select the props or prop substitutes you might want to use, to get ahead of technology and to allow you time to breathe and settle before the class begins. By creating a relaxing home environment where you can practise you will truly get the most out of your class. Even if you have to clear it all away (because it's your main front room for example) after class, that extra care, attention and time will be worth it.

Here are some tips:

- Find props you usually like to use in class. A book in place of a brick or block, cushions in place of bolsters, a blanket, jumper and socks for savasana
- Set your lighting, perhaps dim the lights or put on a lamp or two
- Light some incense or your favourite candle
- Are you going to play some music during the class? We are sending Spotify playlists for some classes so check you have a separate speaker to play the music from or can you play it from your phone? Perhaps you can do a test before the class starts?

Finally, settle down and enjoy.

Don't forget to let us know how the classes are. We can only improve with your valued feedback, thoughts and options. Also we would love to hear your stories on how our classes are helping you during this difficult time. We are working hard to continue bringing you these classes and we hope to bring more classes in the weeks ahead.

Free Yoga for NHS Frontline Nurses and Doctors working in critical care (A&E and ICU)

Read our latest blog on Yoga Kula giving free yoga to NHS Nurses and Doctors.

Read more about YK Live here.

Support Kula and purchase your YK Live unlimited yoga pass here (30 live-streamed classes per week).

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free yoga for nhs

Free Yoga for NHS Nurses and Doctors*

As a way to give back to our frontline NHS Nurses and Doctors working in Critical Care (A&E and ICU) to fight Covid-19, Yoga Kula is offering a free month of unlimited live yoga.

Please help us spread the word by sharing our social media posts and this newsletter with your friends and family. If our yoga classes can provide some quiet time, space to breathe or an opportunity to relax after an unrelenting, difficult shift then we are honoured to be able to deliver this for our incredible Nurses and Doctors (working in critical care).

How to claim free yoga

Simply ask any Nurse or Doctor working in critical care across the UK (A&E or ICU) to drop us an email at with a photo of their bade or other ID which specifically shows they work on A&E or ICU. We will create an online account for them and credit them with a month of unlimited live yoga. They will have access to 30 live-streamed classes per week.

We are a very small team and resource is limited, therefore we are unable to offer this to all NHS workers at this time as we simply do not have the capacity to deal with enquiries and admin of creating accounts. We hope you understand.

Our help

Yoga Kula is committed to sharing yoga as far and wide as we can in these strange times. We have had to close our studio doors but this has not stopped us gathering together to practise yoga as one via our online studio YK Live.

We want to offer NHS front line Nurses and Doctors unlimited yoga for 28 days as a way to let them know we are there to support them and see how hard they are working to keep us all well. Yoga is more important than ever right now as a way to look after our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. As stress, tension and anxiety rise we want to offer a way for people to relax and find some inner peace. 

Online Yoga Classes

Online Live Yoga at Home: YK Live

Thank you to our whole community for your overwhelming response and kind messages about our new online classes. With the support of the Kula community, we hope that we will be able to ensure that there is a Yoga Kula studio at the end of this turbulent and unsettling time. We need your help to make this happen!

Live Our Yoga

This is our time to truly live our yoga. It is an opportunity to come together with solidarity, with our community at heart and practise yoga both on and off the mat. By joining us for our live online classes we hope that you will spread the yoga love by encouraging your friends and family to join you in your space at home, moving and breathing together. United, as one.

To make this work we need your feedback. So please let us know how you get on, whether that’s a message on social media, a photo of your home yoga set-up or an email. Keep talking to us, we are here for you every step of the way.

Studio Update

From Saturday 21st March the Yoga Kula studio will become completely virtual. The studio will be closed to students, however, we will be offering 30 live-streamed classes per week with some of your favourite Kula teachers. At the moment we can’t offer every single class virtually due to resource but we will try our best to add more over the coming weeks. We aim to re-open the studio doors on Monday 20th April, but we will, of course, keep you updated on this based on advice from the Government.

Booking Online classes 

Please book your place on one of our live classes by logging into your Mind Body account or booking on the app. Live classes will be serviced via Zoom. All participants will receive an email with information on how to join the class up to one hour before the class begins. Please note you must join the class no later than 15 minutes before the session is due to start to allow the team enough time to send you the Zoom class information.

Unlimited Online Class Pass

We have a brand new unlimited class pass option for you. For £40 a month you can join any of our 30 live-streamed Yoga Kula classes or pop-ups. You must book onto the class in the usual way. If you are currently on our unlimited pass and you can afford to continue paying your direct debit we would be so grateful for your support.

In addition to the online classes, if you are on an unlimited membership you will also have access to a private YouTube channel where you can view free videos and content including some of the live-streamed classes.

If you would prefer to continue using your class pass or paying drop-ins these will be the same as the studio prices.

Online Class Etiquette

When you join the Zoom class, your mic should be muted as a pre-set setting by Yoga Kula (this means you shouldn’t need to do anything). But you can check this yourself by looking at the mute icon on the bottom left of your screen.

We want to see you – we are asking our community to turn their video cameras on (if possible and if you are comfortable) so we can practise together as one community. The teachers also want to see you during class.


COVID-19 Update

As the world struggles to come to grips with what has seemingly changed the course of our lives for the time being, we are keen to share our plans at Kula over the coming weeks. It is important we stick together with our yoga spirit and community state of mind as we channel our inner-resilience and adaptability to help navigate this ever-changing time.

Studio Update

Are you feeling well enough to practise yoga?

To keep our community safe we politely ask that you only attend class if you feel healthy and do not have any symptoms as listed on the NHS website. Please read full breakdown and guidance here.

Studio Cleanliness

  • When you arrive at the studio please wash your hands, use hand gel and where possible bring your own mat.
  • If you are using one of the Kula mats please clean it with the mat spray provided before and after class.
  • No touch support in classes continues.
  • Mat cleaning cloths will be changed twice a day.
  • Regular studio deep cleans.

Class Numbers Reduced

  • From Monday 23rd March class numbers will be reduced to increase space between students/mats based on World Health Organisation guidelines.
  • Please continue to book classes in the usual way if you are fit and well. However, where possible please do not book if you are planning not to attend so another student can have the opportunity to practise. We may have to start charging for missed classes and repeated no shows.

Refund Policy

  • In order to keep the Yoga Kula studio running now and in the future we are unable to refund missed classes, courses or class passes due to coronovirus or other illnesses, other than what is outlined in our cancellation policy, which can be reviewed here.
  • We are happy to pause class passes due to illness or self-isolation.


  • The Yoga Kula studio will be cashless from Tuesday 17th March to reduce the potential for the spread of bacteria.

Yoga Props

Where possible why not purchase your own props? Now is a great opportunity to invest in your yoga practice and home practice by purchasing your own yoga props whilst in turn supporting a small business like Kula in these difficult times. We have created a discounted yoga at home set;

  • 1 Yoga Matters mat
  • 1 belt or mat strap
  • 1 block or 1 brick
  • box of incense

Total £40. A saving of £7.50. You can purchase from the Hub or the studio.

Hot Yoga Towels

If you attend hot yoga we can offer you an extra layer of protection with our hot yoga towels which are available to purchase from Wednesday 18th March.

Yoga for Living with Cancer

Yoga for Living with Cancer has been cancelled until further notice. We are in the process of notifying our students.

Support the Community

Voluntary Action Leeds have started keeping details of people willing to help others in the community on file. If you can offer support of any kind you can contact them by email on or by calling 0113 297 7920, but please be aware this will greatly increase the demands on them so it may take a while to get through.

Whilst there’s no guaranteed way to make the studio a completely risk-free environment if we work together to ensure we practise the hygiene steps set out above we will certainly help reduce risk.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the team please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Yoga Kula Team



Angela Sykes

Angela Sykes Hands Over Sweaty Betty Ambassador Role

Angela Sykes Longest Running Sweaty Betty Stretch Ambassador

After five years as the Leeds Boutique Sweaty Betty Ambassador Angela Sykes will be handing over the reins from January 2020. Angela is the longest standing Sweaty Betty ambassador at 5 years (it is normally just one year!) and is proud of the part she played in the Sweaty Betty Leeds story.

Angela Sykes

Angela Sykes Sweaty Betty Ambassador

Where is all began…

Angela started teaching in the Harrogate Sweaty Betty Boutique studio over 8 years ago so she was known to the brand as being not only an inspirational yoga teacher but also a hard worker and a true professional. She was directly contacted by the Sweaty Betty London team 6 years ago to ask her all about the Leeds yoga scene and which location would be the most impactful for their brand new Leeds boutique.

Sweaty Betty Ethos

Angela was asked to apply for the ambassadorship and since then, along with the Sweaty Betty team has worked hard to ensure everyone knew about their amazing clothing and more importantly their ETHOS! Sweaty Betty clothing is practical and fashion-forward so we can work out while feeling good. As a yoga teacher, Angela wears yoga clothes all day long so to have some fun wearing yoga clothes is essential!

Angela is proud to have played a part in supporting the Leeds store to become the highest performing store in the UK and plans to continue to support the new ambassador, the Leeds store and the Sweaty Betty brand.

The relationship isn’t over it is just changing….so watch this space for more Yoga Kula x Sweaty Betty collaborations in 2020.

New Ambassador announcement coming soon…..

Chapter Organics

Chapter Organics

Buy Chapter Organics at The Hub.

Chapter Organics is 100% natural. Vegan friendly and hand-poured in Yorkshire.

Chapter organics create all-natural infusions for home + body + mind. Their products harness the natural healing and restorative benefits of essential oils and contain powerful blends for each chapter of your life.

The essential oils have been thoughtfully hand blended to smell good and work hard to provide a therapeutic experience.

All products are 100% natural. They contain natural aromatherapy grade, pure essential oils, soy wax, natural cotton fibre wicks, natural rattan reeds.

Chapter Organics Philosophy: Each Chapter infused to provide a moment of energy, calm and balance to your story.

Modern. All Natural essential oil infusions for your home + body + mind.

Purchase Chapter Organics at The Yoga Kula Hub, open Monday - Wednesday and every Saturday.

The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve

If you haven’t already, now is the time to discover your vagus nerve.

Did you know the vagus nerve is the longest nerve of our autonomic nervous system. The vagus nerve oversees many conscious and unconscious functions, including how we manage our many emotions and stress.

Yogic Exploration Workshop

Julia Knight is hosting a very special workshop on Sunday 22nd December 2019 which will delve into an information exploration and discovery of the profound effects of deep vagus nerve toning. Enhanced vagus nerve tone opens a doorway to deep relaxation, vitality and longevity.

Chronic Stress and Mental Stimulation

In the modern world we are exposed to chronic stress and constant mental stimulation which leads to low vagal tone which diminishes our ability to switch easefully into our rest digest systems from fight, flight and freeze.

Digestive health and deep rest are crucial for our immune, cardiac and hormonal systems optimal function. Our ability to self soothe anxiety, and relax when we choose is a skill that can enormously benefit our health, wellbeing and spiritual life.

Vagus NerveWhat is the Vagus Nerve?

Everyone has a vagus nerve. It travels from our frown lines, covering our third eye and helping us to mistake our fears for intuition. It goes from our headspace right the way down to our pelvic floor, thus in turn affecting our internal organs along the way. This includes our eyes, ears and throat. It also reaches into and informs the entire network of fascia that literally holds us together.

The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in your body. It connects your brain to many important organs throughout the body, including the gut (intestines, stomach), heart and lungs. - the word "vagus" means “wanderer” in Latin.
The nerve, imparts signals to the brain regarding the level of function of organs from the heart, liver, kidneys, ears and many more, it influences your breathing, digestive function, blood pressure and heart rate, all of which can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health as it interfaces with the parasympathetic nervous system

Improve Overall Wellbeing, Vitality and Inner Happiness

Julia's workshop on 22nd December 2019, 12pm-2pm includes a bespoke range of yogic practices, developed to tone the vegas nerve to improve overall well-being, vitality and inner happiness.

Expect the following from this bespoke workshop:

  • Hatha posture work
  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Partner work
  • Pranayama (breath practices)
  • Meditation
  • A handout to reinforce learning
  • RefreshmentsHere are some of the benefits of attending the Vagus Nerve workshop
  • Knowledge empowerment
  • Eases insomnia
  • Combats chronic stress
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Reduces tension
  • Softens tight muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Boosts immune system

To book this workshop please click here.

To view our other upcoming workshops, courses and pop-up classes please click here.

Christmas Shopping Event

Yoga Kula Hub Shopping Event

Christmas Shopping Event

With Christmas just around the corner, the Yoga Kula Hub is hosting a super special Christmas shopping event on Saturday 7th December. The Kula Hub is just a short walk from the Yoga Kula Studio.

Christmas Shopping Event The Hub stocks beautiful, ethical and sustainable products from brands that we adore. There will be a complimentary gift wrapping service along with refreshments throughout the day.

20% off all 10 Class Pass Purchases

Those who attend will also be offered a 20% discount on a 10 class pass to be used at our studio.

Come along and enjoy warming mulled wine and delicious mince pies throughout the day.

Ethical Brands

Brands stocked at Kula Hub

Chapter Organics
Chapter Organics create all natural infusions for home, body + mind.
100% natural. Vegan Friendly. Handpoured in Yorkshire.

MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary
Moa products combine yarrow with other herbal extracts and botanical oils to help to soothe, cleanse, moisturise, tone and energise.

Danish brand Yogamii combine a passion for yoga with a mindful approach to life. When you guy a Yogamii item, you support Danish Indian Child Care.

A British designed activewear brand that embodies versatile and timeless pieces. Garments are crafted with soft fibres such as bamboo to ensure all pieces are effortless and feel like second skin.

Christmas Shopping Event 
Blasta Henriet
A scandinavian wellbeing brand based in London. Focussing on self-care through natural remedies and earth friendly materialS, creating eye pillows that provide relaxation and natural pain relief.

+ many more…

Join us to find the perfect gift for your yoga loving friends and family.



Pukka tea £2.99
2 crystals £3.00
Eyebag (yogamatters or printed only) £12.50
Lavender essential oil £5
Gift box £3.50

Worth £26.99 // Saving £6.99


Essential Oil
2 Crystals

Rebecca Richmond Candle
Blasta Henriet eye pillow

Worth £42.00 // Saving £5.00

Chapter Organics

Buy any two Chapter Organics items and receive a complimentary gift box

Buy any two MOA products and receive a complimentary lip balm worth £13






The Yoga Kula Hub is just a short walk from the main Yoga Kula studio on Harogate Road.

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