Angela Sykes

Angela Sykes Hands Over Sweaty Betty Ambassador Role

Angela Sykes Longest Running Sweaty Betty Stretch Ambassador

After five years as the Leeds Boutique Sweaty Betty Ambassador Angela Sykes will be handing over the reins from January 2020. Angela is the longest standing Sweaty Betty ambassador at 5 years (it is normally just one year!) and is proud of the part she played in the Sweaty Betty Leeds story.

Angela Sykes

Angela Sykes Sweaty Betty Ambassador

Where is all began…

Angela started teaching in the Harrogate Sweaty Betty Boutique studio over 8 years ago so she was known to the brand as being not only an inspirational yoga teacher but also a hard worker and a true professional. She was directly contacted by the Sweaty Betty London team 6 years ago to ask her all about the Leeds yoga scene and which location would be the most impactful for their brand new Leeds boutique.

Sweaty Betty Ethos

Angela was asked to apply for the ambassadorship and since then, along with the Sweaty Betty team has worked hard to ensure everyone knew about their amazing clothing and more importantly their ETHOS! Sweaty Betty clothing is practical and fashion-forward so we can work out while feeling good. As a yoga teacher, Angela wears yoga clothes all day long so to have some fun wearing yoga clothes is essential!

Angela is proud to have played a part in supporting the Leeds store to become the highest performing store in the UK and plans to continue to support the new ambassador, the Leeds store and the Sweaty Betty brand.

The relationship isn’t over it is just changing….so watch this space for more Yoga Kula x Sweaty Betty collaborations in 2020.

New Ambassador announcement coming soon…..

Chapter Organics

Chapter Organics

Buy Chapter Organics at The Hub.

Chapter Organics is 100% natural. Vegan friendly and hand-poured in Yorkshire.

Chapter organics create all-natural infusions for home + body + mind. Their products harness the natural healing and restorative benefits of essential oils and contain powerful blends for each chapter of your life.

The essential oils have been thoughtfully hand blended to smell good and work hard to provide a therapeutic experience.

All products are 100% natural. They contain natural aromatherapy grade, pure essential oils, soy wax, natural cotton fibre wicks, natural rattan reeds.

Chapter Organics Philosophy: Each Chapter infused to provide a moment of energy, calm and balance to your story.

Modern. All Natural essential oil infusions for your home + body + mind.

Purchase Chapter Organics at The Yoga Kula Hub, open Monday - Wednesday and every Saturday.

The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve

If you haven’t already, now is the time to discover your vagus nerve.

Did you know the vagus nerve is the longest nerve of our autonomic nervous system. The vagus nerve oversees many conscious and unconscious functions, including how we manage our many emotions and stress.

Yogic Exploration Workshop

Julia Knight is hosting a very special workshop on Sunday 22nd December 2019 which will delve into an information exploration and discovery of the profound effects of deep vagus nerve toning. Enhanced vagus nerve tone opens a doorway to deep relaxation, vitality and longevity.

Chronic Stress and Mental Stimulation

In the modern world we are exposed to chronic stress and constant mental stimulation which leads to low vagal tone which diminishes our ability to switch easefully into our rest digest systems from fight, flight and freeze.

Digestive health and deep rest are crucial for our immune, cardiac and hormonal systems optimal function. Our ability to self soothe anxiety, and relax when we choose is a skill that can enormously benefit our health, wellbeing and spiritual life.

Vagus NerveWhat is the Vagus Nerve?

Everyone has a vagus nerve. It travels from our frown lines, covering our third eye and helping us to mistake our fears for intuition. It goes from our headspace right the way down to our pelvic floor, thus in turn affecting our internal organs along the way. This includes our eyes, ears and throat. It also reaches into and informs the entire network of fascia that literally holds us together.

The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve in your body. It connects your brain to many important organs throughout the body, including the gut (intestines, stomach), heart and lungs. - the word "vagus" means “wanderer” in Latin.
The nerve, imparts signals to the brain regarding the level of function of organs from the heart, liver, kidneys, ears and many more, it influences your breathing, digestive function, blood pressure and heart rate, all of which can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health as it interfaces with the parasympathetic nervous system

Improve Overall Wellbeing, Vitality and Inner Happiness

Julia's workshop on 22nd December 2019, 12pm-2pm includes a bespoke range of yogic practices, developed to tone the vegas nerve to improve overall well-being, vitality and inner happiness.

Expect the following from this bespoke workshop:

  • Hatha posture work
  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Partner work
  • Pranayama (breath practices)
  • Meditation
  • A handout to reinforce learning
  • RefreshmentsHere are some of the benefits of attending the Vagus Nerve workshop
  • Knowledge empowerment
  • Eases insomnia
  • Combats chronic stress
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Reduces tension
  • Softens tight muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Boosts immune system

To book this workshop please click here.

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Christmas Shopping Event

Yoga Kula Hub Shopping Event

Christmas Shopping Event

With Christmas just around the corner, the Yoga Kula Hub is hosting a super special Christmas shopping event on Saturday 7th December. The Kula Hub is just a short walk from the Yoga Kula Studio.

Christmas Shopping Event The Hub stocks beautiful, ethical and sustainable products from brands that we adore. There will be a complimentary gift wrapping service along with refreshments throughout the day.

20% off all 10 Class Pass Purchases

Those who attend will also be offered a 20% discount on a 10 class pass to be used at our studio.

Come along and enjoy warming mulled wine and delicious mince pies throughout the day.

Ethical Brands

Brands stocked at Kula Hub

Chapter Organics
Chapter Organics create all natural infusions for home, body + mind.
100% natural. Vegan Friendly. Handpoured in Yorkshire.

MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary
Moa products combine yarrow with other herbal extracts and botanical oils to help to soothe, cleanse, moisturise, tone and energise.

Danish brand Yogamii combine a passion for yoga with a mindful approach to life. When you guy a Yogamii item, you support Danish Indian Child Care.

A British designed activewear brand that embodies versatile and timeless pieces. Garments are crafted with soft fibres such as bamboo to ensure all pieces are effortless and feel like second skin.

Christmas Shopping Event 
Blasta Henriet
A scandinavian wellbeing brand based in London. Focussing on self-care through natural remedies and earth friendly materialS, creating eye pillows that provide relaxation and natural pain relief.

+ many more…

Join us to find the perfect gift for your yoga loving friends and family.



Pukka tea £2.99
2 crystals £3.00
Eyebag (yogamatters or printed only) £12.50
Lavender essential oil £5
Gift box £3.50

Worth £26.99 // Saving £6.99


Essential Oil
2 Crystals

Rebecca Richmond Candle
Blasta Henriet eye pillow

Worth £42.00 // Saving £5.00

Chapter Organics

Buy any two Chapter Organics items and receive a complimentary gift box

Buy any two MOA products and receive a complimentary lip balm worth £13






The Yoga Kula Hub is just a short walk from the main Yoga Kula studio on Harogate Road.

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Yoga Teacher Training Course

Integrated Restorative Yoga Training Course

We are delighted to welcome Aki Omori to the Yoga Kula Studio this Friday.

We caught up with Aki to find out more

What is your yoga background?

I have been working in yoga for over 30 years now and someone asked me to try a yoga class and nobody practised yoga back in those days so out of curiosity I said yes and that is how it started.

Later on, I became more interested in yoga in terms of the spiritual path. Then I got involved in-depth practice of pranayama meditation and asana practice. I used to do quite hardcore asana, Vinyasa style.

Which style of yoga do you teach?

I am a Yoga Teacher, focusing on Somatics. I am a Movement Therapist, Educator and an Early Trauma Therapist

What is Somatic yoga 

As the years went on my yoga practice expanded into a somatic approach which is seemingly gentler and a slower practice. It is much more mindful in certain ways. We still move, but it is more about experiencing yourself from within and then let the form arise. When we study experiential anatomy in a somatic way, it is more about experiencing inner body systems from within and what that feels like.

What can participants expect from the course?

The course will be a hands-on approach to Restorative yoga with a somatic approach. We will look at the books, and we study so we have an idea of what that might be inside but once we feel it we are informed from within and the form arises from there. For me, that is more connected to the nature of what we are as human beings, human animals and also being part of the universe. My interest theraputically is also about the mind, our relationship with each other, the relationship with the environment around. That is the somatic approach.

We will cover Restorative poses and practices in terms of the forms and the props, however, there is so much because we will be exploring what is underlying that practice. What really nourishes us and what makes us thrive. And also what can dampen our spirit and our body. We will explore experiencial anatomy of the nervous system from a development aspect

Aki Omori Integrated Restorative Immersion

Weekend 1 – August 2019
Friday 30th August 6.00pm- 9.30pm
Saturday 31st August 2.00pm-7.30pm
Sunday 1st September 11.00am - 4.00pm

Weekend 2 – September 2019
Friday 27th September 6.00pm- 9.30pm
Saturday 28th September 2.00pm-7.30pm
Sunday 29th September 11.00am - 4.00pm


Price £435

Only 20 spaces

Read our additional Aki Omori blog here

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yoga arm balance

How to Work on Your Yoga Arm Balances

Do you often think about how you can work on your yoga arm balances? There are so ways you can work up to arm balances and a lot of these are to do with improving strength and looking at your alignment.

Are you ready to fly?

We have a brand new workshop coming up with our Flow + Fly teacher Susi Wick for an Arm Balance Workshop that will provide you with space and tools to play with gravity and explore different arm balances.

Starting with the fundamentals and building your confidence step by step, this workshop requires no previous arm balance experience, just a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and explore something new.

yoga arm balanceOur bodies are stronger than we think

'For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.' Leonardo Da Vinci

Yoga Arm Balances

During the workshop, you will work towards fun and rewarding poses such as Crow and Flying Lizard variations. So come and play!

When? Saturday 27th July 2019, 3-4:30pm

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yoga for period pain and pmd

Yoga for Period Pain and PMD

Learning to better understand your menstrual cycle is an act of empowerment and resistance. Many women struggle with various ‘PMD’ symptoms that can be countered with a combination of yoga and herbal remedies

Take Control of your Cycle

Join Melanie Hadida (Spice + Green) and Pamela Vargas for a workshop dedicated to taking control of your cycle. Through a combination of flowing yoga and at-home herbal remedies you'll learn clever ‘period-hacks’ to help you through combat 3 common symptoms of PMD: energy depletion, fluctuations in mood and discomfort

There are many small and simple steps we can take to gain a better understanding of and control over our symptoms, as well as easing ourselves through a more comfortable cycle.

Yoga, Breathing, Meditation + Spices

During this workshop Melanie and Pamela with guide you through a combination of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and Ayurvedic herb and spice blending — to create at-home herbal remedies and elixirs to cook and brew with, helping you to feel calmer, revitalised and comfortable. Have you heard of yoga for period pain? Well this workshop will take you through how yoga and spices can help aid period cramps and pains.

Yoga Flow

Beginning with a 90 minute yoga session, Pamela will lead you through a yoga flow of stretches, breathing techniques and restorative poses to help boost energy, improve your mood and deal with discomfort.

Calming Tea

Following Pamela's yoga session, Melanie will brew a calming tea with various seeds, spices and herbs, whilst discussing the benefits and medicinal properties of each ingredient and how they can be used to improve your wellbeing at different times of the month.


You’ll then be encouraged to get hands-on, creating your own tea and spice blends to add extra vitamins, minerals and plant-based medicines to your daily diets.

At the end of the workshop you'll have your very own spice blends to take away with you.

When? Saturday 13th July, 2:30-5:30pm

Where? Yoga Kula Leeds, 114 Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS7 4NY

How do I book? Click this link and pay via Mind Body 

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Yoga Day Retreat Avalon Wellbeing Centre

Yoga Day Retreat: Avalon Wellbeing

Join Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes for a Yoga Day Retreat at the beautiful Avalon Wellbeing Centre in Skipton. The Avalon wellbeing centre is a haven for yoga, nature, relaxation and spa lovers.

Angela and the Avalon team have created a day retreat offering space and time for participants tYoga Day Retreato cultivate the qualities of Joy, Peace and Gratitude. Learn yogic tools and techniques to bring about more positive states of mind, connect with like-minded people, enjoy nature and end the day relaxing deeply in Avalon’s state of the art spa facilities.

During this day retreat Angela will lead two inspirational yoga classes.

Vinyasa Flow to Cultivate Joy:

  • Arrive and Breath
  • Intention setting to cultivate JOY
  • Creative Flows
  • Hands on assists to finesse poses
  • Uplifting soundtrack
  • Mantra
  • Energising Mudra
  • Meditation
  • Deep Rest
  • Head and Neck Massage

Soothing Yoga and Meditation to cultivate Peace:

  • Intention setting to cultivate
  • Restorative Poses
  • Nourishing Flows
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Yin Poses
  • Grounding Mudra
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Hand and Foot Massage

Angela has been practicing Yoga for 18 years and teaching for over 10, and is the founder, director and principle teacher at Yoga Kula Leeds, as well an ambassador for Sweaty Betty, Angela has also appeared on the cover of Yoga Magazine. Her classes are dynamic and challenging whilst offering time and space for reflection, meditation and cultivation.

Read more about Angela here.

During this day retreat you'll enjoy:

  • Fresh herbal tea on arrival
  • Dynamic, Creative and Inspiring Vinyasa Flow yoga class to cultivate Joy.
  • Natropathic Lunch in Utopia with vegetarian and vegan options (lunch not included in price of retreat) or bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the grounds
  • Forrest Bathing in hammocks to cultivate Peace.
  • Soothing Yoga and Meditation session to cultivate Gratitude.
  • Use of Avalon's relaxation room and meditation pod
  • Use of Avalon's pool suite and wellbeing facilities facilities including: Hydromassage Pool, Sauna and Steam Room
  • Use of Avalon's Conscious Library
  • Browse Avalon's Conscious Boutique


10—10:15am: Arrive and enjoy fresh herbal tea
10.30am: Vinyasa Flow class
12.00pm: Lunch
1.00pm: Forrest bathing and enjoy Avalon's substantial grounds.
2.30pm: Soothing Yoga and Meditation class
4.00pm: Herbal teas and use of Avalon's Meditation Room
4.30: Use of Avalon's pool suite and wellbeing facilities facilities:
• 20m Clear Pool
• Hydromassage Pool
• Sauna and Steam Room

Participants can also enjoy:
• Relaxation Room
• Conscious Library
• Meditation Pod
• Conscious Boutique

£85.00 // Only 20 places available

(Ticket price does not include lunch. Towels and lockers are provided, please bring swimwear if you intend to use the Spa.)

To view our


Spring Renewal Yoga

Spring Renewal, Yoga + Journaling

“What you are is what you have been. What you'll be is what you do now.” ― Siddhārtha Gautama

Spring is the season of letting go and renewal. This Spring Renewal workshop is designed to help and support you to release tension on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga JournalWe begin with a nourishing yin-inspired yoga practice to heighten awareness and connect with our intuition. Drawing our attention inward we can release any strain and create space for writing freely and with flow.

Relaxed and with a quiet mind; we move into our journalling session where we can let go of perfection and learn how to embrace ourselves fully. In a relaxed and informal setting; we take time to explore techniques to ‘let it all out’, tap into our intuition and understand how the ‘gut feeling’ works.

Our intention is that you leave feeling inspired, connected and with a sense of renewal.

Warming herbal tea and tasty snacks will be provided.

Students should bring a journal / notepad + pen.

When: Saturday 30th March, 2:30-5pm at Yoga Kula.

Book here.

Lilley Harvey

Lilley Harvey

My Yoga Journey

Lilley Harvey has been teaching since 2006 but her first experience of yoga was in the early 1990s when she took part in a pioneering therapeutic programme for asthmatics. Lilley considers yoga as being the single most effective tool in helping her to recover from an auto-immune disorder, which at its peak left her too weak to walk. From practising for just a few minutes each day, to seven years later, practising vigorously for up to seven hours a day, yoga and the wealth of its teachings has transformed her life.

Immersion Teacher Trainer

When Lilley Harvey founded Peacock Tree Yoga back in 2010, she quickly realised that she needed a mentor if she was going to be a successful yoga teacher – and she found the very best in Master Jason Campbell of Zen Wellness, Arizona. Right from the start Lilley’s business has been well-designed, vibrant and profitable. Classes are popular, workshops sell out and the community she has created continues to grow.

In keeping with the yogic tradition of passing on wisdom, Lilley has decided it’s now time to offer other yoga teachers the opportunity to benefit from the same teachings she received on becoming a spiritual entrepreneur that have led to her success.

My Credentials

Committed to continual professional development, Lilley spent 6 months living in Mysore India in 2009 and travels extensively nationally and internationally (most recently to Zen Wellness in Arizona, USA & to Turkey), for workshops and training courses.