Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga offers students much needed time for space, relaxation and deep rest. Each session provides a calming, holistic tonic to busy, modern living. In these restful classes participants are welcomed to melt into carefully crafted sequences of restorative yoga poses supported by props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps. Postures are held for extended periods to allow the body to fully let go and discover a deep, peaceful release. During the postures participants are guided into deep breathing to deepen the letting go process, allowing space for the body to heal and rejuvenate. Restorative Yoga is perfect for those who are recovering from injury or illness as well as those who want to simply reduce stress and learn to rest. This style also works as a complement to other more active styles of yoga such as Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga. We also use low infrared heating during the sessions to keep the room warm. This type of heat supports bodily tissues to heal and leaves participants feeling nurtured and cosy. 


The Benefits

  • Reduces aches and pains.
  • Reduces stress and stress related ailments.
  • Reduces feelings of anxiety.
  • Discover a sense of inner balance.
  • Calms the nervous system.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Improves digestion and elimination processes.
  • Improves sleep.
  • The use of low infrared heat during the sessions deepens even further the healing experience of restorative yoga.


Yoga Evolution

Yoga Evolution

Yoga Evolution // 

Join Amanda Winburn as she guides you into the deeper aspects of a meaningful and transformational yoga practice to a true Yoga Evolution. After spending time immersed in the practice in the Himalayas, Amanda has discovered a deepening of her yoga practice during lockdown and is looking forward to sharing her tool and insights.


If we are to evolve as human beings to gain more wisdom, more kindness, and more compassion we must have the intention to grow as a lotus and open each petal one by one. The lotus will only grow in mud which speaks of the common ground that we humans share, no matter our gender, race, wealth or sexual orientation we are all faced with obstacles in life: sadness, illness and loss…..when we heal the lower three chakras we can transcend imbalances, raise our vibration, and heal at a deep cellular level.

The Koshas

There are five koshas within the energetic body, representing different levels of vibrations, they are all interconnected and will create and influence each other. Once we start to connect deeply with the breath activation automatically follows deep healing will progressively occur, habitual patterns of behaviour that don’t serve will resolve. This doesn’t always look like the obvious; eg, over spending, under or over eating it can also be hiding in judgement, self-loathing, arrogance over studying, lethargy, anxiety, depression all coming from the base three chakras from a place of fear and deep conditioning.

The Practice

As our practice of yoga deepens we begin to refine and purify the physical body we start to experience higher levels of energy and expanded awareness. The greater access you have to Prana or life force energy ~ the breath ~ the greater access you will have to vitality and experience of life. New intelligent information is brought in through subtle practices, circulated, distributed and integrated through the body in movement.
As we strengthen the energetic body we are exercising our higher mind, it is in this state of awareness that we experience the union of spirit.

Repair, Heal and Reversal of Ageing

Repairing and healing at a very deep conscious level, awakening heart intelligence, reversing the ageing process, repairing and strengthening eye sight, hair and nails become stronger, skin brighter, we naturally gravitate to a healthier diet we allow grace in, illuminating from within, radiating outward, we become more loving to self and others, we can see the bigger picture, liberating ourselves.


In this energy focussed you will be guided through an integrated practice of Pranayama, Hatha based asana, Kriya energy work to generate more prana, and chi movement to balance and soften. We’ll close our practice with a So Hum heart meditation.

You can expect an evening of –

• Hatha Yoga
• Kriya Energy work
• Chi movement work
• Meditation
• Mantra

Suitable for those with yoga experience, who want to deepen their existing practice.

Book your space, for either our in-studio or live streamed session by clicking here. 







    Jason Scott

    Jason Scott

    My Classes

    My classes are based on the Ashtanga Yoga system. My teaching ranges from modified versions of this versatile yoga sequence, to more challenging traditional Sanskrit counted Primary and Intermediate classes and workshops. This makes Ashtanga available to absolutely everyone, this dynamic and flowing yoga links breath with movement and is the perfect antidote to the challenges of everyday life.

    My Yoga Journey

    I discovered yoga fifteen years ago in Buenos Aries and continued to practice when I returned to England. I came across Ashtanga Yoga soon afterwards with David Swenson’s video cassette of the Primary Series. In 2009 Joey Miles began teaching in Leeds and has been my principal teacher since then; I regularly practice the Mysore Yoga style and am currently working on the third series of this sequence. I have also been fortunate to study in Mysore, India with Saraswathi Rangaswamy and additionally have attended led classes with Sharath Jois in London on a number of occasions. 

    Although Yoga is often seen as just a physical practice (and of course can help the physical body in many ways) – I have discovered over the last fifteen years that the real benefit comes from cultivating a calmer and steadier quality of mind: the yoga practice itself is training for this, but ultimately it significantly improves day to day life off the yoga mat. 

    My Credentials

    My initial 200 hour teacher training was completed in Nashik, India at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in 2010. This course was holistic in approach, covering all aspects of a Hatha-based yoga lifestyle on an ashram for a month. Soon after I completed a one week Ashtanga teaching training course with David Swenson, and since then I have done a variety courses and workshops with Ashtanga teachers such as Rolf Naujokat, Kino McGregor, Eddie Stern, Mark and Joanne Darby, and David Robson. 

    I have been teaching yoga regularly for the last eight years, primarily at the University of Leeds, as well as other local yoga studios; in additional I have taught on various yoga retreats throughout Europe. In this time I have accumulated over 2,500 hours of teaching experience.

    Self Healing Experience

    YK LIVE // A Self-Healing Experience

    A Self-Healing Experience awaits . . .


    Join YK LIVE and Felicity Weston – Founder of Ookushana Healing School for a LIVE Self-Healing Experience.

    Felicity is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher. 

    “True power is living the realisation that you are your own healer, hero and leader”
    ~ Yung Pueblo

    In this session we connect to the healer within, through ritual, movement medicine & hands-on healing.

    This offering is a journey to remember the golden nugget of wisdom;  “We are our own healers”, and everything we seek, is right there inside of us. In truth, there is nothing external, that can “cause” healing – it can only promote our own healing abilities, those which are innate within us. Our body is continuously healing itself, however sometimes this system can become out of balance due to blockages, which can lead to physical manifestations & ailments.

    Join Felicity to explore the world of energy and life-force, that which is all-knowing, that sees and understands the cause and the cure of all. The energy that is wisdom itself.

    Explore the chakra system, learn how energy can become blocked and how it can be released to flow freely. Learn multiple simple tools to clear, heal and activate our energetic system – to keep our energy flowing in, around, and out of us, just as it should.

    You can expect an evening of:

    • Ritual
    • Meditation
    • Connection
    • Energy Healing
    • Movement Medicine
    • Self-Care

    This workshop is inspired by Reiki, supported by the beautiful lineage of Usui, and fuelled with ancient shamanic tools and tradition.

    This healing experience is a gift to yourself. Reconnecting to the healer within is not only taking back your power, for your personal health and wellness, but also a crucial and beautiful step in the journey back to wholeness.

    A note from Felicity

    “My aim as a teacher is to help people remember all that they are and the magic they hold, to help activate their unique gifts, and to help lead them back to their truth.”

    Only 30 spaces available, open to those who have an interest in self-healing.


    Book your space here


    Thrive Online Yoga Summer Retreat

    YK Thrive // An Online Summer Retreat

    When? Sunday 26th July, 10:30am-1:45pm

    Where? The comfort of your home! Streamed via YK LIVE.

    YK Live is bringing together three specialists to bring you this uplifting online summer retreat, in the sanctuary of your own home. Join Claire, Jeni and Mel for a blend of yoga, massage, breathwork, meditation and nutrition designed to help you THRIVE in the second half of 2020.

    Yoga for clarity and energy Claire Dambawinna

    Join YK LIVE Yoga Teacher Claire Dambawinna for a Hatha session to bring clarity and energy. During times of challenge yoga can help us to find calm, space and ease which supports us to move forward with clarity, positivity and to be able to thrive and grow. Rediscover inner resilience and power as Claire guides you through a LIVE expansive Hatha sequence to free your body and lift your spirits, blended with nourishing Restorative yoga to help you connect deeply to your breath and calm the mind.

    Bodywork, Breathwork and Meditation

    Join bodywork specialist Jeni Matthewman (Breathe Body Therapies) to deeply relax, restore and revitalise your body, mind and spirit in this bodywork, breath, and meditation self-care session.

    Jeni Matthewman // Online RetreatWe’ll begin with embodied movement and a grounding self-massage for your legs.

    This will be followed by a beautiful extended breathwork meditation designed to unlock the power of your breath, access inner healing and transport you into a state of deep bliss.

    Nutrition for Vitality

    Join inspirational Chef and Nutritionist Mel Hadida (Spice & Green) for a LIVE food and elixir preparation. Mel knows more than anyone else that good food allows you to THRIVE. You can either work with Mel to create quick and easy slaw and tonic or you can simply relax, take some notes and make it yourself another day!

    There will be time to ask Mel questions about healthy eating and nutrition. She lives and breathes healthy cooking and eating!

    YK Thrive Online Retreat

    Take a look what is on the menu:

    • Kosambri: A vibrant South Indian spiced slaw, with a bright citrus dressing, seeds & nuts
    • Sunshine Tonic: An immune boosting tonic with Tusli tea and citrus (non-alcoholic cocktail!)

    An ingredients list and any utensils required, will be sent to you 1 week before the event. If you book later we will send through upon booking.

    Retreat Outline

    10:30 – 11.30am – LIVE: Uplifting Hatha and Nourishing Restorative with Claire Dambawinna

    11:45 – 12.45pm – LIVE: Self-Massage Masterclass, soothing breathwork and meditation with Jeni Matthewman

    1 – 2.15pm – LIVE: Food and Elixir preparation class with Mel Hadida


    Online Yoga Classes

    2020 has seen lots of changes in the way we access yoga sessions as we respond to ongoing UK Covid-19 restrictions. During periods of lockdown, we’re no longer able to come to the studio to practice alongside our fellow yogi’s, but here at Yoga Kula whilst we may be distanced, our community has never been stronger. We have come together to practice online yoga classes, with students in Leeds, elsewhere in the UK and further afield.

    Last lockdown, we created our online studio YK LIVE and now we bring you a brand new STRONGER TOGETHER timetable. We have created a rich and diverse timetable which features a range of teachers, yoga styles, brand new classes, creative pop ups and knowledge deepening workshops for you to enjoy.

    We know that going back into a second lockdown was expected but this is still a challenging time as we continue to navigate more change to our lives – let your yoga practice support you at this time and use it as a way to stay grounded, calm and positive. #strongertogether

    “Yoga Kula’s online classes have been wonderful– just as warm and welcoming as those in studio, and exactly what I need to keep my grounded during this chaotic time”

    During these unusual times, we find ourselves working at home, away from the office and so for many of us our sanctuary has become our workspace. It’s really important to reclaim that space and energy to allow us to release and relax. Without the daily commute there is very little separation between work and home life, so it’s likely we’re not moving as much as we used to, and anxieties surrounding the current situation might feel overwhelming at times.

    We’ve seen so many people in our classes who may otherwise not have been able to attend. Those who’ve moved away from Leeds, children, partners and other family members.

    Practicing online yoga means we are able to continue our practice without travelling to the studio. We’ve been experiencing classes from teachers worldwide – including Kula teachers who have moved abroad such as Miz DeShannon and Isabel Slingerland, both of whom were able to rejoin the Yoga Kula community during the lockdown in summer to share some very special practices with us.

    “Fantastic classes and lovely teachers which are making lockdown so much more bearable.”

    We have classes available 7 days a week, suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you’re completely new to your yoga practice or you’re a seasoned yogi, there’s something for you on our online yoga class timetable.

    Continuing your yoga practice throughout this time can help to give you a sense of normality. Being able to join in your regularly scheduled classes and really taking time to notice how our body feels, what we need at a time when we’re likely to be holding tension in ways we aren’t used to. A regular yoga practice can have a range of effects on the body, including

    • bringing your mind into the present moment – something that is key for reducing stress.
    • alleviate anxiety
    • reduce back pain – this is something we’ve heard a lot of our students have been struggling with as a result of working in makeshift office spaces
    • improving sleep
    • relieving constipation
    • strengthening muscles and bones
    • cultivating a calm, steady and focussed mind.

    “The class was AMAZING!! I am loving the virtual yoga classes. My anxiety sometimes stops me from makes the journey to the studio difficult for me but this has been overcome by being able to practice in my own home!”

    For those newer to their yoga practice, we are also running our FREE beginners online yoga class every Monday at 8pm.

    A 30 minute class packed full of the ‘yoga basics’. Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes will guide you through simple poses, breathing techniques and simple meditation which will leave you feel uplifted, inspired, energised and connected.

    After the session there will be an opportunity ask any questions about yoga, the different styles of yoga, how you feel about staring your yoga journey and which style would be best for you.

    Why we love yoga?

    At Yoga Kula we believe yoga is about much more than taking a class. When we are calm and healthy we show up in the word with a different energy, we take action from a wiser stand point, our self-belief and confidence grows meaning we can have a positive impact not just on our own lives but on those around us and our communities.

    Book a class with YK LIVE



    Adam + Richard // Yoga for Men

    Student Stories // Yoga for Men

    Meet Adam and Richard, two of our loyal and dedicated yogi’s who took some time to chat to us after a mid-morning class with Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes. We learnt more about their yoga journeys, their experience as men who practice yoga, and the impact that this practice has had on their lives.

    How long have you been practicing yoga, and was yoga a part of your life before joining Yoga Kula?

    Adam: Only for a few months now.  In the past I had been to one/two yoga classes many years ago but it has never been a consistent part of my life, like it is now.  I first started coming to Kula in September 2019, whilst going through quite a stressful period in my life.  Now I have a yoga mat at home and I use it regularly.

    Richard: Well… I started my yoga journey 20 years ago, when I was aged 20 (I’ll let you do the maths!). I used to train and compete in Taekwondo at university, so yoga really helped with strength / flexibility, and mindset.

    Which classes do you attend – and why?

    Adam: My favourite classes to attend are: yin, hatha and hot yoga.  I first developed a liking for yin yoga in Amanda’s classes.  I liked how postures were held for prolonged periods of time, sometimes with significant discomfort.  After deciding that you’re going to stick with the discomfort and breathe through it, it becomes quite liberating and empowering.  I often don’t think I can stick with it but then a few minutes later I realise I could and I love that feeling.  Hatha for similar reasons, there’s more time to get into a posture and really feel it, more so than the more flowing types of yoga.

    Richard: I attend Angela’s Hatha class on Wednesday mornings. After a long break from practising Yoga I feel it’s a great reintroduction. I find the gentle physical postures, breathing focus and the mindful nature of the class a nice balance, which seems to be just right, for me.

    What first attracted you to practicing yoga?

    A: I was going through a really tough time in my personal life with work stresses and a family bereavement, so I was looking for a little escape and some spiritual calm.  I definitely got both, and much more!

    R: Initially… aching muscles and the need to stretch them I guess!

    What do you think is the biggest misconception men have about taking a yoga class? Do you feel we’ve changed this at Yoga Kula?

    A: I have been surprised by the all-round physical-psychological approach that is taken by many teachers at Kula.  It seems that classes are not just about your physical body but your mind-set in tackling everyday problems in life too.  This has been a major learning point for me.

    R: That it’s all about getting into extreme and uncomfortable positions… which I find it’s actually the opposite!  I can say that Yoga Kula has definitely challenged and changed that point of view.

    Flow + Breathe

    What impact do you feel your yoga practice has had on your life?

    A: Empowerment.  Those great feelings that empower you on the mat (sticking with a deep and uncomfortable yin pose) have helped build my confidence off the mat too.  It shows you that you can bear uncomfortable situations elsewhere, even if part of you thought you couldn’t. My flexibility and balance is better than it ever has been.  I’ve done martial arts all my life but never been so supple as I am now after practising yoga for a few months.  This makes me physically more capable, mentally more at ease, and I’m sure is improving my progression in other aspects of life, and then the connection with my own feelings.  Many men are probably similar to me, but I sometimes struggle to connect with my feelings and succumb to thought instead.  Yoga has been great in tackling this.  It has given me greater awareness of physical sensations inside my own body, and this is powerful because I think physical sensations are often linked to our underlying psychological issues.

    R: Let’s just say it’s positively impacted me a physical level and I’ve never left a yoga class in a bad mood!

    What advice would you give to other men considering starting their yoga journey?

    A: If you want to be stronger, more supple, happier, more authentic to yourself, more relaxed then get started as soon as possible! It’s definitely a practice more men need in their lives.

    R: Try a few different classes and types of yoga to get a balance (excuse the pun!) and see which ones you like best.

    How do you spend your time off the yoga mat?

    A: I spend lots of time on another type of mat: the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mat.  BJJ can leave you with tight hips and shoulders due to the flexing of the core that is inherent in many of the techniques.  Yoga is a fantastic counter-balance to this, for example up dog, cobra, superman and heart/chest opening moves.  I feel more physically well-balanced with yoga in my life, rather than becoming tense and tight in certain areas.  I also like bouldering, running and play guitar.  Yoga has honestly enhanced all of these other aspects of my life in ways I didn’t expect.  It’s interesting what you can achieve when you feel more and you’re at ease.

    R: Well for some reason I seem to be attracted to physical activities which involve wearing some kind of head/ body protection and/ or a helmet! I also like reading books, watching films, salsa dancing and learning to play the piano, so that balances things out a bit.

    How was your class with Angela on Wednesday morning? You’re both regulars at this class, and we’d love to share your experience with our community!

    A: Angela’s classes are always great, she’s a very skilled teacher and manages to communicate the nature of each posture clearly.  I always feel that I understand what I’m doing a little bit more after her classes.  What I also quite like about Angela’s classes is how she explains the anatomy of each pose, as human anatomy is one of my interests!

    R: Angela’s class was really enjoyable. There was quiet relaxation, purposeful movement, and also some nice incense and music. I always leave feeling happy!

    What would your dream yoga class involve?

    A: My dream class would involve lots of deep/uncomfortable postures held for longer periods of time with a nice Shavasana and relaxing music/scents to wrap things up.  Then the obligatory chocolate and tea!

    R:  Some mobility exercises, deep stretches, balance work a mindfulness exercise, and some relaxation.

    If you could sum up your experience at Yoga Kula in 3 words, what would they be?

    A: Calming, empowering, challenging.

    R: Authentic Welcoming Experience


    Flash Sale on Yoga Gifts

    Flash Sale on Yoga Gifts

    Welcome to our summer sale with 40% off everything!  This is the perfect time to refresh your yoga wardrobe and treat yourself or a loved one to some new self-care accessories. Please support Yoga Kula by purchasing your yoga props, books and gifts by shopping local.

    We will be offering safe, contactless collection from the Yoga Kula Studio from Monday-Wednesday, 10:30-5:30pm. Please get in touch if you are in need of an alternative collection time.

    To make a purchase, please email with your order, and a member of the YK team will be in touch.


    Yoga Mats Sale


    Yoga Equipment

    It’s the perfect time to update your yoga equipment ready for our in-studio classes to return in the not too distant future. What have you been missing from your yoga kit during lockdown? We have mats, bolsters, straps, bricks and much more to make your practice easier.

    How about a gift for Father’s Day on Sunday 21st June alongside some online yoga classes? We also offer gift vouchers which can be used for online classes or studio classes once we reopen.

    Gift Vouchers

    Chapter Organics
    Self Care

    MOA, Chapter Organics, and Blasta Henriet are just a few of our super indulgent self care brands on offer. We have room sprays, candles, eye pillows, facial oils and so much more to help create a cosy environment to enhance your home.

    View Self Care + Yoga Equipment Sale

    YK Clothing Sale


    We have a wide range of yoga clothing available in various sizes from both Danish activewear brand Yogamii and British-made Jilla including leggings, comfy jumpers and yoga vests.

    View Clothing Sale

    How to purchase

    To make a purchase, please contact the YK Team at with your order details, including product name, size, and quantity. All purchases must be made via bank transfer or Paypal – details will be provided within order confirmation.  Items are not reserved until payment is made.

    * All items are sold as seen, and are non-refundable unless faulty * 

    Flow for Justice // Black Lives Matter

    Flow for Justice

    Flow for Justice // Black Lives Matter

    Dear Kulis,

    This has been a tough and painful few days. As a British woman of colour, it has been my privilege to lead the Yoga Kula community for 8 amazing years and my plan is to continue to do so with energy, passion and an intention to share the teachings of yoga as far and wide as possible.

    At Yoga Kula we are here to serve our community which is built on truth, non-violence and compassion. This week we have all been shocked and shaken by what is taking place in the US and have all been tasked to listen to the stories of black Americans, educate ourselves and challenge racism both within ourselves and in our daily lives.

    Never be afraid to speak up

    We should never be afraid to speak up against racism, never look down, look away or change the subject, because if we do, we become part of the problems we are seeing unfolding in front of our horrified eyes.

    The death of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 that has sent shock waves around the globe and has woken many many people up to the hostility and violence faced by black Americans on a daily basis from the slave ships to right now in this very moment – an unbroken and ongoing line of brutality, violence, intimidation and horror.

    We don’t have answers but we must do something and stand up for what is right. At Yoga Kula we stand alongside all of those who are marginalised and disadvantaged in any society simply because of the colour of their skin and we all commit to challenging racism in ourselves and others but we want to do more.

    We invite you – our Kulis – to stand with us because Black Lives Matter. Join us on International Yoga Day as we aim to raise £1500.00 for Black Lives Matter. To do this we need 100 people practising with us in the charity class. Please forward this mailer as widely as you can. We cannot be on the front line with our black brothers and sisters on the streets in the US but we can empower organisations which fight for the rights of black Americans. Will you stand with us?


    Sunday 21st June 9:00am – 10:00am
    Flow for Justice with Angela Sykes


    If you want to donate more please buy more than one space or click here to donate an extra £5 or more.

    Angela x

    online yoga retreats

    Soul Beauty // YK LIVE Retreat

    Soul Beauty // A Day Retreat

    We bring together three experts, for a bespoke collaboration of yoga, facial massage, yoga nidra and nutrition for that perfect self-love Sunday.

    We all know that deep, real and lasting beauty comes from within. During this morning retreat take time to focus on our inner world as well as taking care of the outside cultivating a deep inner to outer glow. A well moved, rested, nourished, reflective and cared for body and mind makes our soul beautiful.

    How will we find our glow and discover soul beauty?

    Soul Beauty Day RetreatVinyasa Flow 

    Yoga is the ultimate beauty tonic. When we flow, move, stretch and breath we increase our inner fire which translates with immediate effect to an outer glow – bright eyes, bright skin and most importantly a clear and bright mind. Yoga Kula founder and director Angela Sykes will guide you through a LIVE vinyasa session brining a mixture of warming breath exercises, heart opening flows and a soothing meditation all designed to cultivate soul beauty.

     Face massageSoul Beauty Day Retreat

    Our faces are so important; we use them to communicate, talk, express emotions, eat and so much more. Everything is connected and often tension in the body can show in our faces. If we have been holding tension and stress the face is often the first place this shows.

    In this LIVE session facialist Amera guides you through face and neck massage techniques and exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Work on releasing connective tissue that lies under our skin to relax muscles and tension and sculpt the face to its natural contours to help lift and tone. It’s a lovely natural face-lift that will give you an instant glow.

    Yoga NidraSoul Beauty Day Retreat

    Yoga Nidra deeply calms the mind and settles the body –  when we are calm in the mind and steady in the body we make better choices related to our health and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Enjoy a mini Yoga Nidra as a follow up to your nourishing face massage.

    Soul Beauty Food and ElixirSoul Beauty Day Retreat

    Food and drink are our medicine! We have selected the most potent beauty ingredients and created a quick and easy lunch and beauty elixir which you can then add into your personal soul beauty routine.

    For our Soul Beauty retreat join Melanie Hadida to create vegan Summer Beauty Rolls using superfood ingredients mango, spinach & sesame, all known to enhance skin, hair and overall glow. Be guided LIVE to prepare a delicious dipping sauce for the rolls. For a hydration + beauty boost we will also prepare a cool hibiscus green tea infusion.

    At the end of the LIVE session there will be time and space to ask questions on healthy seasonal cooking, tea infusions and my top tips for staying, looking and feeling energised.


    Retreat Outline:

    10:30 – 11.30 – LIVE: Glowy Vinyasa Flow and Meditation with Angela Sykes

    11:45- 12.30 – LIVE: Circulation boosting Face Massage and Mini Nidra with Amera Stanforth

    12:45 – 1.45 – LIVE: Soul Beauty Food/Elixir preparation class with Mel Hadida


    You will be guided to cultivate Soul Beauty with an experienced team of experts.


    Yoga: Angela Sykes – Senior Yoga Teacher and Director of Yoga Kula Leeds  

    Face massage/Nidra: Amera Stanforth – Yoga Teacher and Facialist

    Soul beauty Food/Elixir: Mel Hadida – Chef and Nutritionist 

    We will be running FB Live sessions with all our Soul Beauty experts before the session so join our Facebook Community Group so you don’t miss out.

    Suitable for all levels, some yoga experience desirable however not essential.