Meet and embody the wisdom of your inner Goddess

Do you want to discover what it means to be a Goddess in today’s world and access a part of you that knows only love? Do you want to overcome the mindless chatter of your ego and navigate home to your true self, and power within a community of other women?

If you answered yes, come and join me for a life changing voyage into your inner self. On this journey, we will move through stormy seas into playful pastures, slay some dragons and meet your inner Goddess. You will discover your inner power and expand your horizons by feeling into the love that exists inside you and other human beings.

Your Goddess is the one who will provide you with the love required for you to live a life of purpose and truth; she is your guide and she will support you as you step forward as an empowered woman. Imagine looking into her eyes and feeling her loving energy, endless compassion and unwavering faith in you, this and so much more is available to you at this workshop.

Personally speaking, I have led this workshop many times and I am forever amazed at what unfolds in the space of just four hours. I know that when I embody the teachings of my own Goddess, time stands still and love is transmitted in a way that heals the past and directs the present. This is a time for deep celebration and joy, as we unite in a sacred space to work on our heart’s deepest desires. You will learn how to fully surrender and release into the loving energy of the divine feminine and all she has to offer you as an individual, and as a member of the wider human tribe.

I will leave you with one final quote from one Goddess to another with the hope that you will take the olive branch that I have laid out for you…

“The Goddess doesn’t enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking. She is integrity and value, created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a live actively in hope.” Marrianne Williamson

If you would like to get in touch with your feminine wisdom and meet your inner Goddess come along to Karen Heras-Kelly’s ‘Goddess Power’ workshop on Sunday November 5th, 2017 11-3pm.
What are Karen’s credentials: Karen is a Certified Professional Life & Leadership Coach who specialises in the empowerment of women. Her work is based upon insights of working with women around the world, supporting women to find out who they are and do it on purpose. 
She has been a professional coach for four years and is ICF and CPCC accredited. Prior to that, she worked within global communications and held senior excecutive positions for brands like GHD and St. Tropez. She is considered to be an expert on what women really want and is a guide that suppors them to get there.
Karen was recently awarded the title; “Exceptional Women of Excellence 2018 nominee" by ALL Ladies League (ALL) & Women Economic Forum (WEF), a global not for profit organisation that is committed to the empowerment and collaboration of women. She has also been featured in Good Housekeeping, Prima, The Daily Telegraph, In The Moment magazine, Hello! Fashion monthly, Heat! and appeared on ITV’s The Tonight programme.
What will people feel like during and after the workshop?
They will feel lighter, clearer and empowered. This is a safe space for women to explore their true self and calling. The workshop is transformational and is a lifeline to women looking to find a deeper connection with their most powerful and authentic self. It is a celebration of womanhood, so they will feel joyful and liberated.

What will students be doing in the workshop?
They will go on a transformational inner journey, where they will get rid of any unwanted baggage and acknowledge their many gifts. This is about self-discovery, physical and emotional movement, and acceptance – it is about coming together in an all woman environment to witness, support and fan each others’ wings.

Each student will claim her feminine power and is supported by Karen, as well as encouraged by the wider group. All participants will overcome the power of their ego (the voice of their saboteur) and connect with their own Goddess. It is about creating new life affirming patterns and connecting to their higher self.

What are the key benefits of this workshop?
Emotional freedom, the creation of new life affirming perspectives, a self esteem turbo booster, intimacy and the power of coming together as a community of women. The ability to open your heart to yourself and tune into your essence, as well as making commitments that will support you on your journey of self-love and respect.

Who is the target audience of this workshop?
All women looking to connect to their healthy divine feminine and yin energy. (NB: Some women may need to bring more healthy divine masculine energy into their lives, so they would work with their yang).

Will there be any particular poses or physical aspects to the workshops?
No, there is movement in the workshop however it is free flowing and open to all levels of fitness. It is up to each individual how much movement they would like to bring to the workshop.

Please could you provide a brief outline to how the workshop will be structured?

The workshop is structured so that we have periods of sitting, moving, meditating and doing group work. The rest is a surprise.

Is the workshop educational, spiritual or motivational? This workshop has been designed to connect with body, mind and spirit; therefore it covers off all of these.

Will there be any snacks/ drinks served?
Hot tea will be provided. Students will need to bring their own snacks.

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An Introduction to the Butterfly Practice

Carly Mountain will be teaching at Kula on the 21st October. Here she talks about her journey into teaching the Butterfly Practice. 

"I came to the Butterfly work shortly after having my second child. I was exhausted and out of practice, but craving some time to connect to myself and a way to nourish and enjoy my body. I started to practice just 10 minutes a day and quite quickly I found that that time for myself had become integrated into my daily life.

It took three years before the full practice moved through me. At this time, I emerged from a yoga school from which I had learnt a tremendous amount, but whose structures were masculine and hierarchical. I had been teaching yoga for 10 years and the desire to share this work with my students and other women in my life became louder and louder. But I felt instinctively that this feminine work needed a feminine way of holding. The terms masculine and feminine are fraught with often unhelpful connotations and I want to underline that this is not about gender. There are men who have the capacity to hold a feminine space and women who lead with a predominantly masculine energy, which is great. What I am referring to is difficult to name in definitive language, but essentially, what I was seeking to offer was a space that reached beyond the hierarchy of guru and student. A space that could include emotional expression, a space to be nourished and accepted in shadow and in light, and a place where sacred feminine energy could be free to emerge and be felt through each woman.

In Butterfly we sit in circle, the circle connotes a sense of equality. Within that circle, I may take the role of teacher, but I continually hold within my view that the relationship is always reciprocal. There is some teaching through the form of yoga sequences, mudra and poetry. But, both me as the teacher, and the form as the teacher meets what is naturally arising from within you. As my Teacher Kim Rosen illustrates so beautifully, “I cannot teach you anything that you don’t already know. But if I am lucky, I will say it in such a way that you know, that you know it”. Therefore, I would say that the Butterfly work is place where we can remember what we have forgotten, lost or denied. Form can be a beautiful, sacred expression of what is underneath our layers, just as words create a form through which we can reach towards mutual understanding. As a guide, I can facilitate, watch, intuit and create a container within which you can explore, but the rest is up to you.

Likewise, we cannot “do” this work. So many women come to the practice thinking they can muscle through it. But this is a truly yin practice, so what is required is a deep listening and surrender to what lies beneath the waves. We live in such an active world, which can be seen in our obsession with asana. This collection of practices are a powerful antidote to all the doing. I often compare it to orgasm, you cannot muscle your way to an orgasm. All we can do is indulge ourselves to the place where the pulsations of pleasure carry us over into orgasm. We allow ourselves to be taken beyond our will. The practice of yoga is similar. The place where form meets what is spontaneously arising is the union, and when we are taken by that meeting we enter yoga. And like orgasm, it can be a delightful, immersive sometimes even transcendent experience.

Many yoga schools prioritise calm over other emotional experiences as a sort of preordained tick box that we have achieved union. I am not saying that finding stillness and peace is not a desirable aspect of practice, it is very beneficial. But, I have no desire to be permanently calm, anymore than I desire to be permanently in rage. I was craving a space that would embrace and honour the wisdom of my emotional body as much as any other facet of my being. So much of my learning has come through relationships, engaging in them, the breakdown of them and the joyful and often messy interaction that true intimacy can bring. Behind our masks, there are many weather systems and it feels as though rather than always reaching for the light aspects of ourselves through practice, it is time to own and embrace the shadows as equally valuable as well. After all, emotional being is a flow in itself, and when we allow emotional expression to happen at some point we can guarantee that that energy will transform and find it’s onward flow. It evolves, just like a yoga sequence. The more we allow, the more we begin to realise that even the strongest feelings flow into other states. And they can be a vehicle to awakening and absolute presence.

All this creates a delicious cauldron, made even juicier by the unique gifts that each woman brings. One of the benefits of this work is the space it creates for you to spend time with other women. This is often one of the most nourishing and enjoyable aspects of the Butterfly course. In fact, all the ingredients I have named above are about intimate relationship; relationship to practice, relationship to support, relationship to ourselves, relationship to other women and underlying all that, relationship to the mystery that guides and weaves it all.

I cannot teach the full Butterfly mudra in one day it takes time and investment. But what this introduction day will offer is a flavour of the work that accompanies the mudra practice, a feel for the space I hold and a chance for us to meet. So, if any of this resonates with you, come along! I am really looking forward to it and would love to see you there."

You can book Carly's Butterfly Workshop here.

sports and remedial message

Teaching Sports Massage—by Harriet Thompson

I started teaching Sports Massage when my massage tutor asked if I'd consider teaching with him. He gave me the confidence to know I'd be good at passing on knowledge, and from my days as a software trainer I felt able to combine my passion for massage and training. It's been 11 years since I started teaching and I've gone on to develop a shorter workshop style course alongside the diploma which I now teach at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

I get a real buzz from teaching as it's a huge accomplishment to look around a room knowing you have encouraged the skills people are then producing.

What do I think makes a good teacher?
My mum was the most amazing teacher, her pupils were respectful of her and would call her Miss in the street. She is considerate, a great confidante, yet the first person people would do something out of respect for. I hope I am half the teacher she was.

On the Yoga Kula TTC I will be teaching students about injuries, what makes them better/worse and how to instruct people to adapt in certain poses. Having used yoga for my own rehabilitation, and working in a yoga setting (I am Kula's Resident Massage Therapist), I have always been drawn to a holistic approach to the body and hope to pass this onto participants of Kula's TTC.

Yoga Teacher Training Course Open Day

Yoga Kula opened its doors last Saturday to welcome yoga students who are interested in taking our Teacher Training Course starting January 2018.

We had a lovely day which started with tea, fruit and an informal chat. Everyone was given a TTC information pack to flick through as they arrived.

Fabiano led a relaxing spine meditation which was followed by a general Q and A for TTC Teachers Angela, Fabiano, Helen, Lara and Elena. Attendees got a chance to teach a warrior pose in pairs and Lara demonstrated a very relaxing restorative pose using plenty of yoga props.

There were some important questions which were asked and answered in the Q and A. Here are some of the questions which were asked about the qualification and about the governing body Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Can I teach abroad with my qualification? 

Yes. If you move to the US or Canada you will need to approach another insurance company—anywhere else your YAP insurance will cover you. If you have another insurance provider (not YAP) you would need to approach them about insuring you aboard.

What is the difference between YAP, BWY and IYN?

They are all governing bodies but YAP has the highest professional standards. The YAP courses must meet higher standards such as 70% of the course must be taught by a Senior Yoga Teacher and 90% of the course must be contact hours.

To be a Senior teacher with YAP professionals again the standards are higher than that of BWY and IYN. For YAP a Senior teacher must have been teaching for 8 years plus and have over 4000 hours of teaching experience.

When can I join YAP?

You can join and be insured as a trainee as soon as you start to teach family and friends (this is agreed between you and the Senior teacher on the course) for a fee of £15.00. This then stays in place until you are fully qualified. You are covered to teach 2 classes per week for an hour per class.

We are so excited to start out TTC in January and it was lovely to meet some of the trainees who will be on the course this week.

We are still taking applications for January 2018, so please get in touch if you would like more information.

Being a Yoga Teacher—by Helen Ince

I never really wanted to be a yoga teacher. I did my 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyassa training as a three week intensive during my summer holidays really just so that I could deepen my practice and do something a bit different with the six week break.  It was never my intention to make it a career move. So when my teacher asked me to take over a class a couple of months after I’d qualified, it took me a while to give him an answer.  And when I finally said yes, I had a good few weeks of wondering just what I was letting myself in for!

The first time I actually taught was utterly terrifying. I’d planned the class in great detail, knew my script off by heart and had lots of guinea pigs who’d kindly let me practice on them but I don’t think anything really prepares you for the first time you step out in front of a group of students. It’s just one of those things you’ve got to do. Take a deep breath and crack on. So I did. And it was ace. I absolutely loved it and, though it didn’t in any way go the way I’d rehearsed, it felt like a good class.  Even though it all went well and I got some lovely feedback from students I was just as scared the following week. If I’m honest, I still have that little bit of nervous energy before a class and I’m glad of it, I think it shows you care.

For a long time after my first class I felt as though I was kind of playing at being a yoga teacher. I still had my full time job, I was only teaching one class a week and I hadn’t yet managed to develop a consistent ashtanga practice (something I always felt was vital for my teaching but difficult to establish whilst working two jobs!). It actually took me four years to get to the stage where I felt that everything was in place to make the move from playing to professional. It’s been a gradual transition (slowly reducing my hours at work and picking up extra classes once I feel I have made space for them) and I’m really glad of that as it’s meant I’ve enjoyed every part of the journey and taken it at my own pace.

So what’s it like being a yoga teacher now? Exhilarating, energising, exciting, challenging, creative and brilliantly chaotic. I absolutely love it! But it can also sometimes be exhausting (really unsociable hours, when do you do your own practice??!!), a little scary at times (it’s a huge responsibility to have people in your care) and it doesn’t necessarily pay all the bills!

If you’re thinking of joining us on our TTC next January (and why wouldn’t you? I mean, have you seen the course? Totally awesome!), my advice would be take your time. That way you get to enjoy every step of the journey and once you arrive at your destination (whatever that might be) you’ll feel truly ready to embrace your new role. Oh, and invest in a good alarm clock. First thing (like 5 a.m.), that’s when you practice!

Rachel Woolhouse


“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim.  The better more you practice, the brighter the flame.”  B.K.S Iyengar

New to yoga

We know as a beginner to yoga you will have a lot of questions. What are the different styles? Which class should I go to? What do I wear? Do I need to be fit and flexible? Here at Yoga Kula, we would like to help you answer these questions so that you feel prepared and ready to come along to the classes or courses which is right for you.

Who can practice yoga?

Yoga is for everybody regardless of age, fitness, flexibility, or body shape, we have a class to suit everyone here at Yoga Kula. There is no prerequisite to a yoga practice only a willingness to come along to the studio, roll out a mat and spend some time on the mat which might be once a week or much more.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Studies have shown that yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity. The benefits of a regular yoga practice, through the postures and the breathing exercises, include an increase in strength, balance and flexibility and can give a boost to mental wellbeing. Focusing on breathing exercises along with the physical exercise means it is a great way to help manage stress and calm a busy mind.

Where should I begin?

A very good place to start practicing is with our beginners course. During the six weeks you will study the building blocks of a yoga practice by learning key yoga postures, the importance of breath and alignment and you will also be introduced to some basic yoga philosophy and meditation techniques. On completion of the course you will have developed a foundation of a yoga practice which will give you the confidence to join any of our level 1 classes or all level classes. 

We have two 6 week courses which run consecutively. One is on a Sunday evening at 7.30pm and is held here in our studio.  The other is on a Monday evening at 7.00pm and is held in a gorgeous room at the School of Philosophy {map} which is only a very short walk from our studio.

How can I book onto a beginners course?

All our courses are bookable through our website using our online booking system MindBody.  Follow the link below and find the right course that you would like to enrol on.  Payment is required at the time of booking.

Why come to Yoga Kula?

At Yoga Kula you will always be guaranteed a warm welcome! Yoga Kula is a dedicated Yoga Studio in the heart of the vibrant community of Chapel Allerton in Leeds. We offer a diverse range of yoga sessions 7 days a week to suit all ages, abilities and fitness levels. We have a full and varied timetable with classes, courses, workshops and retreats so there is always plenty to choose from. Our team of teachers are supportive, friendly and experienced. You will be guided through the classes with qualified and experienced teachers who will always provide options for those who are new to the practice. We are also a dedicated training school and have mentored, trained and supported some of the most popular and successful teachers in the Leeds teaching community.

What do I bring?

The studio is fully equipped and you do not need to bring anything with you. We provide mats and all the equipment you may need for your class so all we ask is that you wear loose comfortable clothing in which you can move around in.  There is also a space where you are welcome to stay and enjoy tea either before or after your class.

What do other new students say about Yoga Kula?

Here are just a few reviews of our Beginners Courses and our classes which beginners have attended:

I have been attending the beginner course and I have got so much from this . We are all here for many different reasons . I am here because I want to feel less stressed. I want to feel like I can breathe in a way where I don't feel in a state of panic all the time . Well I am in week 4 and I am starting to feel like I can breathe differently and am thinking about how to achieve this. Many many thanks to the two instructors we have had as they are showing me a different state to be in. I think I am getting there gradually - Sharron Cook

I'm new to Yoga....I've tried the odd class in the past to try and balance out my martial arts training and just never really felt comfortable. Then I found Yoga Kula! This place is incredible. The most welcoming , warm environment that put me completely at ease. Not an ounce of ego amongst the people that practice and every teacher explains and guides the sessions perfectly. Everytime I attend a session I learn something new and feel a million times better. Thanks for converting me! X - Sam Mallinson

I tried yoga for the 1st time last year and have been a regular at yoga kula ever since.

Having my office nearby and living just around the corner is a plus for me but I'd travel much further for the classes here. The teachers are wonderful and patient. 

It's a lovely, clean and friendly place to practice and I'm so looking forward to going on a retreat soon. - Jacqui Godlove


Starting yoga

Welcome to Yoga Kula and the start of your yoga journey. As a beginner we’re sure you have lots of questions, all of which we hope to answer here.

There’s so much to look forward to as someone who is new to yoga, it’s an exciting time, but also one that can be a little daunting. As a dedicated yoga studio, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Free Beginner Yoga Class

At Yoga Kula we offer 1 free online yoga beginner class which runs once a month on a Monday at 6:30pm. This is an opportunity for you to try a live yoga class with our Yoga for Beginners expert Becky Hill for free. The class takes place via Zoom and you book your space by creating an account on Mind Body online (our booking software). When you book the class you will receive an instant automation email to confirm the booking – keep this email safe as it contains instructions on how to join the session via Zoom and a suggested playlist to play during the class (if you want to). If for any reason you do not receive the email please check your spam/junk/promotion folder and if it is not there please contact us so we can investigate this for you.

At Yoga Kula we have a range of classes for beginners, whether you want to de-stress and restore or challenge yourself — we have something for everyone. Click the tabs below to view either our courses or classes:

Book a Free Online Beginners Class >>>

What to expect at your first yoga class

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Are You New to Kula? If you have never booked a class at Yoga Kula before we have the perfect offer for you—our New to Kula 4 Class Studio or Live Pass

Studio yoga offer: 4 studio classes for just £25

Live yoga offer: 4 live yoga classes for £15


We always recommend starting your journey with one of our FREE YK Live monthly Monday evening beginner classes — here you will sample the building blocks to an enduring and fulfilling practice.

We understand that courses don’t fit everyone’s schedule so we run a variety of classes that are great for beginners. Below are our timetable classes, beginners are encouraged to try level 1 or all level classes, view our full timetable click here.

What to expect from your first yoga class

first yoga class

It’s often the case that a friend or family member has encouraged you to take a yoga class and recommended a specific teacher at Yoga Kula. So here’s all the information you could ever need about our teachers, whether someone’s been recommended to you or not:

Our studio

Our yoga studio in Leeds is temporarily closed, therefore our sessions including our free beginner sessions are all running online via Zoom.

For when the studio reopens, here is where we are located:

Our studio is located between The Zip Yard and Ladbrokes in Chapel Allerton House on Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton. At first glance it may look like you’re walking into an office building, that’s because you are! Don’t worry, come through the first set of double doors, stop at the second set and locate our buzzer to the right of the doors. Please only press the Yoga Kula intercom (our neighbours don’t always appreciate being asked to let students into the building), you’ll then be buzzed through the doors and when you’re in the building go up the stairs and through the door on the first floor, then go right and through another set of double doors, from here you’ll see the studio on your righthand side. We know it sounds complicated but it’s really rather easy.

Here’s a helpful map and our full address:

We hope all this information has been helpful, but if you still have any questions or queries please visit our FAQ’s page or feel free to call the studio between 9am and 5pm—Monday to Friday—on 07445 625 645.

Alternatively, carry on navigating our website to find out more about everything Kula—from workshops to events and our online shop.

We can’t wait to see you on the mat,

The Yoga Kula Team.