Ashtanga Vs Deep Yin

Ashtanga V Deep Yin

People often believe that a challenging yoga practice is the one which is the most dynamic when it can often be the stillness which is our greatest challenge. Ashtanga Vs Deep Yin offers both dynamic movement and deep stillness – which is your nemesis?


We begin close to the earth to take stock of our energies, arrive, ground and breathe. From here after gently warming up and preparing the body and mind we move into the standing section of the Ashtanga Primary Series where we can build heat, power and strength whilst maintaining a steady mind through a clear focus on ujjai pranayama.

Deep Yin

The second part of the session brings students into grounding stillness with long held yin poses designed to get into deep tightness in the body and free up blocked energy. The challenge with deep yin poses is to maintain a steady mind when feeling strong sensations, continue to breath and observe.

Each Ashtanga Vs Deep Yin class will close with a meditation or Yoga Nidra before taking rest.

This class is taught by Amera Stanforth, every Monday at 8:45am on both our regular studio timetable and our Live Streamed sessions.

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Ashtanga Fusion

Ashtanga Fusion

Ashtanga Fusion

Ashtanga Fusion is a dynamic class based on the Ashtanga Sequence with freedom to introduce postures and practices not included in the primary series.

This class is a great way to introduce students to Ashtanga yoga and is also great for those who like the set series but want to experience some fresh postures and mix things up! If you wish to find a real sense of deep strength in the body whilst remaining steady in the mind you’re sure to enjoy this approach to yoga.

Expect a dynamic class with opportunity to build strength, increase flexibility and calm the mind. The breath is key to support participants to discover peace and sense of meditation as we work through the session. All Ashtanga Fusion sessions include music to support the final relaxation.

Benefits of Ashtanga Fusion

– Build strength, flexibility, endurance and focus.
– Learn to connect the breath and movement to experience (with regular practice) the sense of a moving mediation.
– Improve muscle tone and balance weight.
– Cultivate a calm, steady and focused mind.
– Learn to breathe whist moving to allow us to move deeper into postures in a safe way.
– Improve performance in other sporting activities and help prevent injuries.
– Boost confidence and levels of happiness.

Taylor Selby

Taylor Selby

My Classes

My classes are both creative and dynamic, while always encouraging students to connect to their breath to get out of their minds and truly feel into their bodies. I always strive to energise and inspire through my classes, providing an atmosphere for students where I hope they leave class feeling invigorated. Being a former gymnast, core strength plays heavily into all of my dynamic classes. I pay extra attention to sequencing, by making sure the class is set up with a clear and steady focus providing a positive and lighthearted atmosphere that allows students to find the mental push they need. I teach Hot Vinyasa Flow and Power Flow on the Yoga Kula timetable.

My Yoga Journey

My yoga journey began in 2013 when I took up yoga as a cross training exercise to complement the long distance running I was doing. As a former competitive gymnast, I fell in love with the strength aspect of the practice and felt it was giving me the challenge I was missing from just running. Six months later, yoga changed for me from a means of stretching and inversions into an all encompassing body and breath connection. I discovered that yoga was doing so much more than releasing tightness in my physical body, and realised it was truly a release for my mental and emotional body as well. The body awareness I began to cultivate was so powerful that I decided I wanted to learn more and share it with others. My passion for inversions from my gymnastics background has led to me instruct a variety of core focused classes as well as multiple handstand courses.

My Credentials

I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Peacebank Yoga Studio, accredited by Yoga Alliance, in April of 2016 in California. I have been teaching full time since July of 2016, and began my teaching at Google Headquarters in California. I moved to the U.K. in July of 2017 and have been teaching full time in Leeds ever since.

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“I am benefitting so much from this course in terms of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Thank you yoga Kula for the great organisation and committed teaching.”

Linsay Ballantine, TTC 2018 student.

“TTC at Yoga Kula offers an in-depth learning of many aspects of yoga. It is so much more than learning to teach a yoga class. All the tutors are extremely generous, sharing many years of experience with students. You will gain an understanding of mantra, mudra, anatomy and many other areas of yoga in addition to learning how to teach different styles of yoga. Tutors ensure everyone is comfortable with the pace of learning. I am looking forward to sharing everything I am learning with my students when I complete the course.”

Liz Somers, TTC 2018 student.

“There’s yoga teacher training and then there’s Yoga Kula teacher training. Eighteen months to immerse yourself, deepen your practice and learn from some of the most talented teachers. Yoga Kula’s TTC takes it one step at a time, and blends philosophy, anatomy and practice, giving you the chance to truly discover the yoga teacher you are destined to be.”

Gillian Felton, TTC 2018 student. 

Course Details

What to Expect

Hatha Foundation.

The Yoga Kula Teacher Teacher Training Course has a Hatha foundation the with the opportunity to explore several different approaches to yoga ranging from dynamic through to balancing, technique and restful. We explore approaches such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Somatic Approach. There is time dedicated to supporting pregnant and post-natal students and those presenting with injuries. Part of the course will look into yoga marketing, branding, the qualities studios look for when taking on new teachers and the steps you may take want to take when starting out. Our assessments are a mixture of written, practical and creative which have been designed to support trainees to develop useful skills and inspiration for professional yoga teaching life.

Develop into an Inspiring and Professional Yoga Teacher.

Our Yoga Teacher Training Course offers time, space, expert support and guidance for yoga teacher trainees to develop into professional and inspiring yoga teachers with an authentic and deeply personal offering. We offer a chance for trainees to fully connect with and deepen their personal yoga practice while learning how to teach yoga safely from presence, authenticity, with skill and creativity. Our Yoga Teacher Training Course offers the opportunity for trainees to study a range of approaches to yoga from which they take inspiration and support to create engaging, rich and exciting yoga classes, workshops and events.

Discover Your Yoga Power, Confidence and Yoga Niche.

This course is not only an opportunity to learn how to teach yoga but an opportunity to discover your inner power, confidence, your yoga niche and connect with your potential as a yoga teacher. With the support of the Yoga Kula team, trainees are given the necessary tools to grow into inspirational, creative and professional yoga teachers.
Over the duration of the course, trainees are supported to develop an area of particular interest and move deeper, realise their uniqueness and strengths as a teacher and begin refining their yoga offering.

Support Network.

The time spent on the course is an amazing opportunity to create strong and lasting bonds with fellow trainees and the Yoga Kula team and move into the yoga teaching world with an existing supportive network.

This course is suitable for those who would like to deepen their existing yoga practice but do not necessarily wish to become teachers on graduation.
Trainees will be allocated a Yoga Teacher Mentor and be placed in a peer study group in order to practice and stay in touch with the material introduced over study weekends. Trainees will be registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals at the start of the course.

Learn to Teach ONLINE as well as face to face.

The last year has had a big impact on the yoga industry and we have all learned the skill of teaching online in order to continue to reach our students during times when face to face classes were to safe. As part if the teaching methodology section in the course the Yoga Kula team will share all they have learned about teaching online giving you the necessary skills to deliver classes in an online setting. We will train you on the delivery of an online class, creating an impactful online class and a tech set up which ranges from simple to more professional.

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Course Start Date: January 2023

Course Venue: Yoga Kula, 114 Harrogate Road, Leeds LS7 4NY (off-site venues might be used throughout the course, full details will be provided).

Hours: 300 hours across 16 non-residential weekends and 2 residential weekends.

Course Dates

Course Content

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Yin Yoga
  • Somatic Approach
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Hot Yoga
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Pranayama
  • Mudra
  • Mantra
  • Philosophy
  • Yogic Diet and Lifestyle
  • Supporting pregnant and post-natal students
  • Supporting Injuries
  • Story telling
  • Wisdom
  • Creative class planning
  • Teaching beginners
  • Creative assessments
  • Teaching practice
  • Observation
  • Class room assisting
  • Involvement in Yoga Kula events and community
  • Q and A’s with professional teachers
  • 2 weekend residential immersions
  • Becoming a yoga professional
  • Understanding the marketplace
  • Marketing, Branding and starting out
  • Opportunity to apprentice with Kula and become part of the teaching team
  • Learn to deliver a yoga class online as well as face to face

Course Modules

Approaches to Yoga: 110 hours // The Yoga Kula TTC is Hatha based with the opportunity to explore a range of other approaches such as:

  • Yin Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Somatic Approach
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Vinyasa Flow

Teaching Methodology: 70 hours // There is adequate time on the course to learn the important ‘how to teach’ element.

Embodied Anatomy and Physiology: 20 hours // Our approach to Anatomy and Physiology is creative and exciting. Think building sculptures of the spine and feet and taking a trip all the way back to the fish body. 

Yoga Philosophy: 15 hours // Explore the philosophical side of yoga which will offer exciting insights adding another layer to your experience and plenty of exciting content for your creative classes.

Yoga and Ayurveda: 30 hours // Explore Yoga in relation to its sister science Ayurveda. Use the insights to add another dimension your life, yoga practice and teaching.

Expressive Yogic Arts: 15 hours // Begin to more deeply explore your creative potential and meet our guest teachers who are teaching their truth.

Becoming a Yoga Professional + Yoga Ethics: 10 hours // Explore marketing, branding, presenting yourself to a studio, ethics, boundaries and more all designed to prepare you in full to present as a professional yoga teacher in a competitive marketplace.

20 hours Practicum (Not included in total hours): Trainees are expected to dedicate time to a yoga practice and self-study outside of contact hours.


Yoga Kula’s Teacher Training Course is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Yoga Alliance Professionals hold the highest standards in yoga training and in how they grade their teachers. YAP can offer a clear career path which can eventually lead towards becoming an SYT with the ability to create your own training.

Upon graduation of the Yoga Kula Teacher Training Course graduates will receive a Yoga Teaching Certificate accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. They will be qualified to teach yoga to he public both in the UK and overseas.


We require that applicants have 2 years yoga experience as the course commences in January 2023

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If you have any questions on the application process or need more guidance please email

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    Course Details

    Yoga Teacher Training Course

    Meet Our Trainees + Graduates

    Yoga Kula Teacher Training 2019

    Trainee Testimonials

    Yoga Teacher Training Course testimonials

    Becky Hill

    Becky Hill

    My Classes

    I teach weekly Hatha yoga and Yin yoga classes, and also lead Yoga Kula’s Begin course. You can practice them in the studio or via Kula’s live-stream.

    My classes focus on exploring what’s best for you, right here and now, and I’m a big fan of using yoga props and modifications to help with poses. My yoga training has had a strong anatomical focus, meaning I have a sound knowledge of how to practice safely within your own body’s limits. You can expect a relaxed, slower paced class that reminds you of the important fundamentals of yoga, both physical and philosophical.

    I’m also a key part of Yoga Kula’s Teacher Training Course: I teach the Yin yoga module; deliver a tutorial on teaching beginners; am a member of the academic board; and mentor a group of trainees.


    My Yoga Journey

    I have been practising yoga since 2008, when I joined an Ashtanga class to increase my strength and flexibility. Since then, I’ve developed a deep love of yin yoga, which helps me find stillness and sanity in an increasingly hectic and confusing world.

    Like most people, I don’t have time to practise the physical poses every day, so I look for ways to incorporate yoga into my daily life – whether it’s a quick ‘ragdoll’ pose whilst waiting for my food to cook, a simple breath exercise whist sat in traffic, or a daily reminder to be kind to myself and others, I try to make yoga a part of my day-to-day routine!

    My Credentials

    I trained with Simon Low’s Yoga Academy, where I qualified as a 200-hour registered yoga teacher in 2013. I have been teaching at Yoga Kula ever since. I’ve also trained with Donna Farhi, Julie Gudmestad and Paul and Suzee Grilley. I’ve completed level 1 of Martha Peterson’s Somatic Exercise Coach Training; have undertaken 60 hours intensive yin yoga training with Normal Blair; plus I’ve studied on Yogacampus’ in-depth ‘Yoga for Stress and Burnout’ course.

    I’m accredited by both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals.

    Lisa Kippax

    My Classes

    I received my 200hr Vinyasa training, accredited by Yoga Alliance, in Leeds 2019, and have since developed a dynamic style of teaching that encourages your yoga practise to be an explorative movement practise that brings you joy. My yoga flows are a combination of strength and balance with intentional movement woven into a mindfully creative sequence. Expect fluid movement patterns and elements of play, exploration of proprioception and mobility, strength and flexibility, tied to a breath awareness and coordination that carries through the practise as the postures ebb and flow. At the heart, my flows are designed to help people gain awareness in their bodies, encouraging attention to the breath to move them into a mind-body connection. My hope is that each person leaves their mat feeling strong, balanced and inspired – carrying these essences into everyday life.

    My connection with yoga is one of happiness and balance. Originally from The Lakes, Cumbria, appreciation of nature and the importance of a balanced life was instilled from an early age. Since moving to Leeds, this harmony and happiness seemed to reset and shine out when on the yoga mat. Originally exploring yoga as a way of cultivating my body physically, the feel good vibes that resonated in both body and mind soon made this practise go deeper. Appreciation for the complexity of yoga, a passion to understand the relationship between mind and body and why the movement feels so good, and the possibility of sharing this is the fuel behind my becoming a yoga teacher. I can’t wait to find some joy in our movement together!

    3 words to describe Lisa’s classes;

    Fabiano Culora

    My Classes

    My personal ongoing practice underpins my work as a therapeutic witness and compassionate teacher. My sessions explore body-mind connectivity, experiential anatomy and the relationship between expressive moving arts and therapeutic processes.  I offer students support in the form of a release based, somatic approach to yoga whilst maintaining the deepest respect for the transformational possibilities that arise.

    My Yoga Journey

    My background is in drama and dance but my relationship with Yoga began in 1995 as a student of traditional Hatha forms. This companionship has taken taken my practice down many paths meeting many styles along the way, as my body-mind needs shifted through my life’s journey which is constantly evolving.

    My Credentials

    I originally trained as a Pilates teacher and continue to explore structural integration from a holistic perspective. I have been practising as an Integrative Bodyworker for the last 12 years and have taught all over the world, everywhere from the US to Iceland and Russia working with people in need of physical, emotional and psychological support.

    Lara Heppell

    My Classes

    My classes have a meditative focus, where breath awareness, mindful movement and flow are important, opening up space in both the body and mind, an invitation to unfold. My classes aim to build inner strength, stamina and tone, with integrity, whilst at the same time inviting you to relax, let go and have fun.

    My Yoga Journey

    I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and teaching for twelve. Originally trained in dance, I discovered Dynamic yoga in 2000 and was hooked and went on to train as a Dynamic Yoga teacher with Godfrey Devereux, the founder of “Windfire Yoga”.

    My Credentials

    In 2008 I travelled to India to study yoga, philosophy and Vedic chanting . I then went on to train in children’s yoga and Pre and Postnatal yoga and  Well Woman Yoga therapy . My most influential teachers now are Uma Dinsmore Tuli, Judith Hanson Lasater and Angela Farmer. I’m also a registered Doula and Mizan abdominal massage therapist assisting women at the birth of their babies and with their womb health . More recently I’ve undertaken extensive training in Restorative yoga and Hypnoyoga for birth.