So most yogis know it’s a great idea to have your own home practice, some even have their own dedicated rooms at home, their own little blissfull sanctuary, doesn’t that sound lovely? But what happens when that little sanctuary becomes a nursery? Here’s how I manage and a few tips for you.

I have a 5 year old and an 18 month old before number 1 came along I was teaching around 10 classes a week it was pretty full on, when the little bundle of joy arrived I quickly realised I was *ahem* blessed with a non-sleeper and also battling through PTSD even though I didn’t fully realise it at the time. It’s safe to say it took a long time to get back on the mat and even attempt anything but eventually I went back to work started to feel better and slowly worked up to it. My lovely yoga buddy and I realised although there were many classes out there for your baby where were all the ones for the parents? The ones to keep you sane? So we developed Yoga Mama, a Yoga class specifically designed for postnatal mothers where they were able to bring baby along, and it worked great, this was four years ago and the classes are still going strong and I’ve also noticed more people doing them which is amazing. I particularly loved teaching this class as it didn’t matter if I mixed up my left and right or called my knee a ‘leg elbow’ all my students got it, they had most likely also been up since 5:30am. Eventually baba number 2 came along and then it got even harder to do any kind of home practice, to be honest, I just couldn’t be arsed! I am only now working hard at getting it done and what has spurred me on is this:

  • I found a class that I love, I go to that class which is in the day time so much easier for me and practice at home if I can, based on what we’ve done in that class.
  • I want to be strong again, there is no ‘getting my body back’ that doesn’t exist, its gone, its different, I accept that but I want to be strong again.
  • It makes me feel good! Once you start its much easier to get going, so just start!

My Eldest thinks yoga is a bit lame (rubbish) He gave me a lovely note that said ‘Mummy I love you, but I don’t want to go to your yoga class’ thanks bud. My youngest thinks it’s a great opportunity to climb on me making most things impossible. Tips for fitting in a home practice:

  • Nap time! When the little one is asleep I don’t look at the messy kitchen or switch on the TV to watch Made in Chelsea or start picking up toys. Ignore it all go straight for your mat, even if you only get in 2 sun salutations it’s a start. I manage this about 4 times out of 10. Ok maybe less but I’m working on it.
  • If baba is around only do standing poses to minimise you being used as a climbing frame, then if you want an added workout you can add baby lifts into your warrior sequence.
  • If you’re a more energetic person try getting a bit in first thing in the morning while cbeebies is on or after the kids are in bed, I’m usually too tired for after bedtime yoga but it will really work for some.

Grab your mat, give it a go, and be gentle with yourself.

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