Exciting news! Helen’s Saturday Ashtanga is becoming a Level 2 class!

But what exactly does that mean? We caught up with Helen to find out.

We love your current Ashtanga All Levels class. Will your new Ashtanga level 2 class be a big leap from the all levels class?

Absolutely not! Many of my classes follow a very similar pattern and are often strong practices, so this will feel quite familiar for many of you (I’ll just not talk as much!!)

If a student is confident with the Ashtanga Primary Series, but still has work to do on perfecting postures will they be okay in this new Ashtanga Level 2 class? 

Absolutely! You might come across some elements that are new to you and perhaps more challenging, but over time you will learn how to access the postures. I’ll be here to help you on that journey so please don’t worry.

What part of teaching our new Level 2 Ashtanga class are you most excited about?

I’m looking forward to creating a quiet and safe space where people can focus on the breath, and begin to move with ease through the sequence.

What are the added benefits of the Level 2 practice?

/ Opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the sequence. This means you’ll be able to practice more independently wherever you go!

/ You’ll find your confidence will increase by taking time to explore more complex postures, improving both strength and stamina.

/ We’ll make space to focus more on the breath, and how the sequence can be seen as a moving meditation.

/ More physical and verbal adjustments from the teacher means your alignment will improve, and you may be able to access the postures on a deeper level

What is your favourite thing about teaching Ashtanga?

When the class is united by the breath and moving almost as one, there is a real sense of peace, calm and meditation in the room.

Will you be exploring the advanced series in this class?

No. The focus will be on the primary series but you may find you will be introduced to some postures from the sequence that are new to you (and you might consider them advanced) as we will have more time to flow through more of the practice than in other classes.

What advice would you give to students who are considering coming to this class? 

Come and have a go! You never know until you try.

If you can, commit to the class on a regular basis; you will very quickly become familiar with the sequence. You will see your strength and stamina increase pretty swiftly when you come to a regular practice.

Can you sum up the class in 3 words?

Breath, movement, and strength!

Is there anything else you can share with us?

A Saturday Level 2 Ashtanga class is a fantastic chance to develop your practice and deepen your understanding of this fabulous yoga system. Plus, after 90 minutes working hard on your mat, imagine how much sweeter that post-practice coffee and brunch will taste!

Join Helen for Ashtanga Level 2 at 9:15 every Saturday.

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