As part of our exciting new timetable refresh, we’ve introduced some new classes! We chatted with Angela Sykes, Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Kula founder and director about her new Ashtanga Fusion class, which runs Mondays at 6:30pm and Thursdays at 10:15am.


First things first. What is Ashtanga Fusion and what makes it different from a regular Ashtanga class?

Ashtanga Fusion is based on the Ashtanga series’ with the freedom to introduce other sequencing, styles, approaches and techniques meaning that each class offers something fresh whilst also feeling familiar. This class is dynamic yet mindful so you will build strength, stamina, flexibility and develop a sense of inner calm.

What will be the focus of this class?

Each week will have a slightly different focus, and that is the beauty of this class! It is creative which allows each session to take on a different mood or ‘Bhavan’.  Some weeks we will focus on technique, others on building strength, the breath and other weeks the more therapeutic side of yoga. Students attending regularly will build up a holistic picture of a yoga practice presented in a dynamic, exciting and creative way, often using music.

Will we still be working with the Primary series?

There will be time dedicated to looking at key sections of the Primary Series, well as exploring some Second Series poses. The great thing about fusion however is that the body and mind are offered something fresh,built into a familiar sequence which works to bring us back to the now and offers a new way to move and be.

What made you want to explore the fusion style?

My practice is very much ‘fusion’ and I have been lucky enough to experience and train in many different styles with some of the best teachers in the world, in not only yoga but also Karate and Tai Chi. To be able to bring my personal practice and experience into my classes is what I enjoy the most about teaching yoga as a whole.

What should students expect to gain from the class?

Start with a clear intention and let the process unfold. Your intention is the thread which binds the practice together – if this is positive, clear and framed you will begin to notice changes not just on the mat but also off the mat and that is true power of the practice. As a by-product you will also gain strength, flexibility, stamina and a sense of inner calm.

We’re so lucky to have you both as a senior teacher and studio director here at Yoga Kula. What are your favourite things about Kula?

Thank you! My favourite thing about Kula is the intention and dedication we have to encourage and support others. Kula is a Sanskrit word meaning community, family or tribe. We see everyone as an important part of our Kula, and try to make the studio experience the very best it can be for everyone who comes along.

If a student is new to Yoga Kula, would you recommend this class to them? If not, where should they be looking to start their yoga journey?

We always recommend taking one of our 6 week beginners courses if you are brand new to yoga as this is such a great way to build a solid foundation in the practice. If you are new to Yoga Kula, have some yoga experience  and are looking for a dynamic class then yes come along!

Don’t forget we have a New to Kula offer which is 10 classes for £50.00 and is a great way to try out our classes to find what’s best for you. Yoga is about listening to your mind and body and doing what feels right. We have classes for students of all abilities here at Yoga Kula, and everyone is welcome.

You can purchase our New to Kula class pass here.

What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga is anything done mindfully and artfully – it doesn’t need to be confined to your studio classes or time on the mat.


Click to book Angela’s new Ashtanga Fusion classes at 6:30pm on Mondays and 10:15am on Thursdays.