People often believe that a challenging yoga practice is the one which is the most dynamic when it can often be the stillness which is our greatest challenge. Ashtanga Vs Deep Yin offers both dynamic movement and deep stillness – which is your nemesis?


We begin close to the earth to take stock of our energies, arrive, ground and breathe. From here after gently warming up and preparing the body and mind we move into the standing section of the Ashtanga Primary Series where we can build heat, power and strength whilst maintaining a steady mind through a clear focus on ujjai pranayama.

Deep Yin

The second part of the session brings students into grounding stillness with long held yin poses designed to get into deep tightness in the body and free up blocked energy. The challenge with deep yin poses is to maintain a steady mind when feeling strong sensations, continue to breath and observe.

Each Ashtanga Vs Deep Yin class will close with a meditation or Yoga Nidra before taking rest.

This class is taught by Amera Stanforth, every Monday at 8:45am on both our regular studio timetable and our Live Streamed sessions.

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