Ashtanga // Level 2 is a dynamic set series of postures designed to build strength, flexibility, endurance and focus, for students who have experience of Ashtanga yoga. This class is perfect for those who have been attending level 1 or All Levels Ashtanga classes for a while. It is also great for students who are familiar and comfortable with the standing and seated poses and who want to explore the next part of the series.

In this session, students will be guided through the full Ashtanga Primary Series. It is recommended you are familiar with the full Ashtanga primary sequence postures before you join this class.

All the poses in the Ashtanga Primary Series are offered along side various prop options and modifications for the more challenging poses. Claire is an experienced teacher who is one of the Kula technique experts so she will always offer you levels and options to suit your practice.

During the class you will be verbally guided, to help you access the postures on a deeper level.

Our Level 2 Ashtanga class is a strong, dynamic class with mindful, breath-led movement. It is likely your practice will develop at a really steady pace if you regularly attend this class. This class is taught in the traditional way with Sanksrit counted sun salutations and chanting of the opening mantra,  so it will feel more advanced that an all levels class or level 1 class.

Those who wish to find a real sense of deep strength in the body whilst remaining steady in the mind will enjoy this approach to yoga. Once the series becomes more familiar, the body stronger and more flexible, you will begin to feel a sense of rhythm and smoothness in the practice.  Sessions will end with adequate time for relaxation.

Benefits of Ashtanga

  • Build strength, flexibility, endurance and focus.
  • Learn to connect the breath and movement to experience (with regular practice) the sense of a moving mediation.
  • Improve muscle tone and balance weight.
  • Learn the Ashtanga Primary Series.
  • Cultivate a calm, steady and focussed mind.
  • Learn to breathe whist moving to allow us to move deeper into postures in a safe way.
  • Improve performance in other sporting activities and help prevent injuries.
  • Boost confidence and levels of happiness.