Ashtanga Fusion is a dynamic express class based on the Ashtanga Sequence with freedom to introduce postures and practices not included in the primary series.

This class is a great way to introduce students to Ashtanga yoga and is also great for those who like the set series but want to experience some fresh postures and mix things up!

Expect a dynamic class with opportunity to build strength, increase flexibility and calm the mind. The breath is key as with other styles of yoga to support participants to discover peace and sense of meditation as we work through the session. All session will include music to support the final relaxation.

• Build strength, flexibility, endurance and focus.
• Learn to connect the breath and movement to experience (with regular practice) the sense of a moving mediation.
• Improve muscle tone and balance weight.
• Cultivate a calm, steady and focussed mind.
• Learn to breathe whist moving to allow us to move deeper into postures in a safe way.
• Improve performance in other sporting activities and help prevent injuries.
• Boost confidence and levels of happiness.