My Classes

I combine a fusion of East meets West in my sessions which allows a deeper connection to the roots of the practices whilst ensuring accessibility and clarity. I encourage students to be accepting for what ‘is’ in the present moment and let go of external comparisons.

My hope is that students step off the mat feeling inspired, nourished, balanced and able to continue with their day with a sense of peace and heightened inner wisdom. I believe yoga is the most effective tonic for modern life and am dedicated to using it to support deep change in both individuals and communities. As humans we require connection – yoga supports deep connection. It goes way deeper than just taking a class!

My sessions range from dynamic to soothing – I work in a sensory/holistic way with sequences to nourish the body, mind and soul. Expect to be guided in creative yet meditative asana practices with time for breathing practices, mudra, mantra, wisdom and meditation – all set to music to immerse you even more deeply into the experience and your practice. Each of my classes ends with relaxing massage (I am trained to a high level in a range of Ayurvedic styles of massage).

My Yoga Journey

I started my journey into well-being and yoga when I lived in Japan and deepened my practice by living in India. I set up Kula to grow a like-minded yoga community in Leeds. Yoga is such a big part of my life and has allowed me to transform from a person who felt exhausted, in physical pain, angry/sad a lot of the time to a person who can ride the ups and downs of life and face challenges with courage, heart and a peaceful smile.

My Credentials

I have studied with world-renowned teachers in both India and the west including BKS Iyengar and his associates in Pune, Bharat Shetty and the Kumar brothers Vijay and Vinay in Mysore, India. My further training in the UK and India has been vast and varied with senior teachers including David Swenson, Shiva Rea, Julie Gudmestad and Jambo Dragon. I have been studying yoga for almost 20 years and teaching for over 10 years.

I continue to expand my yoga knowledge with regular further yoga study and opportunities for self-inquiry, personal development and deeper transformation and healing through vipassana meditation, jung shim, fasting, Ayurveda, regular trips to India and more recently a passion and interest for plant medicine and the transformational power of ceremony. 

Angela is a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals, and is the founder of Yoga Kula Leeds and a yoga teacher trainer. She leads the Yoga Kula Leeds Teacher Training Course. Angela is longest standing Sweaty Betty Ambassador, and has appeared on the cover of Yoga Magazine and has been featured in the magazine on several occasions. Angela loves writing about her transformation and often writes blogs for the Yoga Kula Blog Page.