Hi Kulis

I hope you are finding a little peace through a daily yoga practice during this lockdown period of our lives. I know it is helping me to feel much more grounded, calm and able to trust that things will work out – and that even some positives will come from this time! It’s lovely to see people appreciating nature and appreciating living a more simple and slower life, doing more home cooking and trying new things. 

One thing I have found is that I am eating really well as there is more time to plan meals and prepare everything fresh. Meals are always a real high point of the day for me (as well as the dog walks and yoga) and I slowly found myself eating much more than I needed to be healthy, well and nourished. I decided to give my digestive system a rest and an opportunity for my body and mind to reset. This is a practice I began around 16 years ago (after extensively researching the area and taking advice from my health practitioner at the time) on a yearly basis as a way to deeply cleanse my body and rest digestive system. 


Any digestive rest must be approached with a mindset of healing. If you are working with a health practitioner either alternative or allopathic ensure you chat with them before embarking upon digestive rest – it’s not the right approach for all of us and we need to ensure it is going to be a truly healing experience for our body, mind and spirit.

5 day fast

Here is how to plan a rest and get started:

– Plan the day (or just a morning) you want to rest your digestion for.

– The night before have a light meal such as a homemade soup with lots of veggies for good nourishment. 

– On the day of the rest wake up at a planned time and have a glass of purified water with a slice of lemon 

– Then prepare an alkaline juice and slowly sip it. If you prefer a warm drink you can have hot apple juice with cinnamon. Here’s a great recipe which I love!

– Plan your day – set a schedule for a walk, gentle yoga class, meditation and rest time.

–  At lunch time you can either have another juice or some home-made healthy broth (warmer things are even more restful for the digestion) 

– At dinner time take something warm like a steeped ginger tea and lemon or broth (something warm is better at this time)

– This is also a good time to scrub the skin, apply oil and a mud pack to clear the skin (coconut is best for summer or if you skin is really dry sesame oil).

– Throughout the day drink plenty of purified water and herbal tea – your body needs PLENTY of fluids – at least 6-8 glasses of water 

– If the sun is shining sit out in the for 30 mins to draw in some nourishing energy from the sun’s rays (don’t forget sun cream and hat if the rays are strong).

– If you have some green space nearby take a walk and spend some time near the trees as you can also draw energy from them – if you don’t feel too silly give a bigger tree a hug for a big pranic boost.

– The next morning have a gentle breakfast – something easy to digest like stewed apples with cinnamon. 

– Plan your nourishing meals for the week ahead to ensure you have a good balance with lots of fresh juices, vegetables, grains, healthy oils and some planned treats to really look forward to!

Angela Sykes // Fast

Benefits of taking a short digestive rest:

– Holiday for the digestive system

– Allows time for the body to heal

– Boosts immunity

– Improves concentration

– Detoxes the body and the mind

– Reduces inflammation

– Speeds up cell renewal in the body

– Lowers stress

– Helps us appreciate our nourishing food and eat more mindfully

Here and here, you can find some really interesting articles around taking the opportunity to rest your digestion.

It is always important to educate ourselves, as well as listening to others personal experiences. We are always interested in your thoughts on any of the conversations we start within our community, so let’s ensure we all keep talking.

Ange x