A Cacao and Kirtan Ceremony is a truly unique and wonderful experience. We spoke with Kate Herrick who attended the last ceremony. Here is what she had to say about the event

YK: Have you ever been to or heard of Cacao and Kirtan ceremony before this workshop?

Kate: I had heard of both cacao and kirtan, but was not familiar with the two combined, so this intrigued me!

The cacao was prepared prior to the workshop, and then offered to us in a cup once we arrived. We were encouraged to drink our portion slowly, and this allowed me to be aware of each flavour and every texture instead of the usual mindless way we consume food and drink. It tasted rich, but not in a sickly or overpowering sense, it was rich because there was so much to discover with every sip, and drinking it in a circle made me feel connected to the group, whilst simultaneously connecting deeply with my own experience. There was a slight heat present which also made my heart feel like it was getting a hug, and being invited to take part.

The kirtan was liberating, as we rarely get the chance to sing together in groups as adults unless we are part of a choir or a band! Repeating these devotional songs created positive vibrations in my body and throughout the room, and everyone was singing with a smile in their eyes.

YK: What drew you to the Cacao ceremony?

Kate: After nearly a year of people recommending a book to me, towards the end of 2016 I finally picked up Anna Forrest’s book called Fierce Medicine. I found Anna’s story and strength very inspiring and she spoke a lot about the importance of ceremony. Therefore, as 2017 would be my first whole year being a yoga teacher (I was part time up until August 2016), I loved the opportunity to let go of self-doubt and set strong intentions for the year ahead. I could tell by the description this would be a loving and supportive environment to explore my insecurities and instil trust.

YK: Was it what you were expecting?

Kate: I didn’t really have any expectations. I kept my mind open to whatever was going to be offered, and I was not disappointed!

YK: What did you enjoy about the ceremony?

Kate: Roisin and Pariss created a beautiful workshop together. There were really powerful moments to connect with the other students there, which was a bit uncomfortable to begin with but Roisin’s confidence brought everyone on board. If I had to pick out one aspect, I’d go with the section we just got to dance around to the music Pariss played. Roisin asked us to think about an obstacle that may be holding us back, something we could let go of in 2017. When we had this in our minds we then took it in turns to shout out loud to the group what we were letting go of, and then imagine stamping on that obstacle like Ganesha. I could feel and see everyone’s nerves and insecurities melting away and freedom shining through the movements.

YK: What did you take away from the event?

Kate: I took away positivity and excitement for the year ahead. The workshop was electric!

YK: How did you feel during and after the session?

Kate: All I can really think of is presence. I felt very present and energised during and after the workshop…I could have danced all through the night.

YK: Would you recommend this session to another student?

Kate: Yes, I would love to do this again, and would highly recommend this experience 🙂

The next Cacao and Sound Healing Celebration with Roisin takes place Sunday 9th April from 11am – 3pm.  Visit Mind Body to book you place.