I’ve been asked so many questions this week about India—How was it? What did you do? Who did you meet? To answer these questions and so that you can all share in this adventure with us I’ve written a series of blogs.

Part One—Making our way to the Motherland

Four weeks ago sixteen Kulis set off on an adventure into the Himalayan mountains where we bonded as a team of yoga warrior leopards (more on this name later!) and created many stories to tell. So let’s begin…

We met in Manchester airport, some of the group had said hello in the studio but most were more or less strangers – who would have thought we’d have so many adventures in India, the birth place of yoga, and come back as such firm friends?

We set off to India giddy and excited and arrived in Dehli around 12 hours later a little weary, only to be greeted by the lovely Clare waiting with fizzing lime drinks to boost our spirits.
In Delhi we checked into our rooms and rested for a few hours, we were then served our first Indian meal of the holiday which was amazing—a vast array of curries, rice dishes and Indian dessert. We took rickshaws in pairs for a tour around the busiest parts of Dehli, such a sensory experience! So many beeping horns, people, shops, stalls, chai sellers, jewellery stalls, sari shops—it was mayhem but it just seemed to work! And under that mayhem was the magical peace of India.

India is a very spiritually rich country with a deep belief in karma and the power of deities. Most people have a temple in their home and perform ‘puja’ each day – I think it is this richness in devotion which makes this place feel so peaceful even in the most hectic of cities.

During our first adventure around Delhi we stopped off at the most amazing market which has the best masala chai I have ever tasted as well as many shops selling shawls, scarfs, shoes, blankets, ornaments, bags and so much more—we had some real shoppers with us this time and let’s just say they were in heaven!

Here’s a tip for those coming with us next time—leave loads of room in your suitcase for all of the Indian trinkets you will want to take home, particularly if you’re thinking of turning your spare bedroom/office into a yoga room.

Part 2 coming soon – Hello Himalayas