Amera Stanforth

My classes

My classes focus on balance. I love the strong structured style of Ashtanga, balanced with the quiet stillness of Yin. I believe the key to life (and yoga!) is balance. The yang vs the yin; being strong yet soft, energetic & relaxed, controlling yet allowing and I bring this focus into my classes in a supportive, welcoming environment. I love to share my passion for yoga, hearing the benefits it brings to students and seeing how it helps people in many different ways.

I teach Monday Ashtanga V Deep Yin at 9am and Ashtanga + Fireside Restorative every Thursday at 10:15am.

My Yoga Journey

I started my journey with Yoga Kula in its infancy and have enjoyed growing alongside them. My love of yoga developed after my first Ashtanga class in 2010. I enjoyed how dynamic and challenging it was and soon realised the positive effects it had on me physically, mentally and emotionally.

I now have a regular Ashtanga mysore practice under the guidance of my teachers Joey Miles and Naama Zusma and like to balance this strong practice with the calmness of Yin and creative Vinyasa flow classes.

My Credentials

I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in 2016. I enjoyed being fully immersed within a spiritual environment and it was key for my personal development. I began teaching immediately as I wanted to share the amazing benefit yoga can bring.

Since then I have completed further training in the styles of Yin and Rocket Yoga. I continue to expand my yoga knowledge with further trainings and immersions as I feel these are important to my growth and classes.