My Classes

My approach to teaching a peaceful, soulful restorative practice is from the heart. I like to guide my students on a journey to self through the breath, through feeling, connecting with the energy in the room and creating a safe place for self exploration.

My Yoga Journey

I stumbled into Yoga completely broken, both physically and emotionally. I was going through a divorce and had also suffered a back injury through my fitness regime of weight training and running. Knowing something had to change I found Yoga Kula. After fumbling through my first yoga class I returned daily, throwing myself into every wonderful practice. I cried through every savasana, struggled through every meditation and pushed myself through dynamic classes, each time finding tiny glimpses of something that kept bringing me back to the mat. Surrounded by support and with the nurturing guidance of each teacher I was able to meet myself on the mat and learn how to work with myself through breath, learning where to push and where to let go and not resist. It was at this point when I stopped pushing that the magic began and my mind and body started to open. With a quieter mind I could now hear the soft voice within, not looking for an outcome just staying in the moment. As my practice evolved my life started to change. I started to see and feel life through peaceful eyes and a kind and tender love for myself naturally evolved.

My Credentials

My journey took me to Rishikesh in India where I immersed myself into a 200 hour teacher training. I then further developed with a 50hrs Yin training. I continue my studies as the Vedic knowledge is part of my journey.I teach Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa flow and Restorative I have gained so much knowledge and inspiration from all my yoga teachers worldwide. I continue to learn as knowledge is key.