It’s Men’s Health week this week so we are highlighting how good for men’s health yoga can be. Thanks Simon for sharing your yoga journey with us so far.

My 6 week beginners course at Yoga Kula

I recently moved to Leeds from London where I worked 24/7 and never had any time to relax and look after myself. I didn’t sleep well and found it hard to switch off. I had always enjoyed keeping fit but was always very stiff.

When I got to Leeds, I was surprised by how popular yoga is here – I thought it was more of a London thing. I looked at the courses and classes on offer and after chatting with the Kula team I decided the beginners course was the best place to start.

I was a little worried before I went as I wasn’t sure there would be any other men there – wasn’t yoga more for women? When I arrived I was surprised to see quite a few men in the class – it was a lovely group and we all bonded over our dodgy downward dogs.

My shoulders are really tight and even as quickly as the first couple of weeks I began to feel them loosen up a little, my sleep became deeper and I my mind become more still. I started to think back to my London days and realised I was always just thinking about the next thing all of the time.

On week 6 I felt things begin to fall into place. I understood the key poses more and had learnt how to do yogic breathing. Our teacher Elena also taught us about intention setting and mantra.

My plan is to take the course again so that I can continue to build on what I already know. I don’t feel quite ready to do a regular class but let’s see after my next course.

Any men out there who are wanting to try yoga should give it a go. I recommend Yoga Kula as there is no competition or pressure and the teachers are really supportive. It’s a great complement to my tennis, cycling and gym routine.