5 Reasons to Book a Yoga Retreat

There are many benefits to attending a yoga retreat, whether that’s a retreat abroad in the beautiful sunshine (such as Fuerteventura), a weekend in the Lakes in winter or a day retreat in Otley Chevin. At Kula we think if you manage to escape day-to-day life at any point in the year for any length of time it will be beneficial to your mind and body. Recharge and reconnect with us at Kula.

Here are our top 5 reasons to book a yoga retreat


Taking your yoga practice out of the comfort of your regular yoga studio or your home provides you with the opportunity to see the world, and yourself, in a new light. Experiencing the unknown is an enhanced way to learn, grow and develop. It’s amazing to go to the same class each week and we all have our favourites, but sometimes it’s good to try something new.

Digital Detox.

Our Kula therapist Harriet shared an interesting image on social media a week ago and it really resonated with us. It was actually a post discussing posture, however, the image of the person slumped over a smartphone, laptop and computer made us sit back and think about how ‘digitally connected’ we are in the present day. Any opportunity to take a step back from being ‘switched on’ to emails, text messages, WhatsApp, the internet, apps and more is a positive for your mind and soul. A yoga retreat will allow you to disconnect with your day to day life and perhaps it could even mean a digital detox for you?

Yoga-minded people.

It is incredible to have a shared interest with someone, whether that’s going to the cinema, reading, meeting for coffees in lovely cafes, so wouldn’t it be lovely to meet new people who share your love for yoga? It’s all the more exciting if you head off on retreat alone and come back with companions you can call friends.


Sometimes being away from the daily routine, allows us to relax and let go a bit more easily. When you are surrounded by jobs, your to-do list, you work rota, shopping and much more it’s harder to truly relax. By taking 8 hours, a weekend or even a week out of this ‘daily to-do’ you will have the ability to let go completely and become immersed in the incredible transformative experiences which a yoga retreat can provide.

Eat well.

Quite simply on a Kula yoga retreat, you can guarantee you will eat nutritious, healthy and powerful foods to feed your body and soul and you don’t have to cook any of it. Sit back and enjoy indulging in wholesome food without having to read recipes or buy the ingredients. This is your yoga retreat and your opportunity to completely let go of the here and now.



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