5 Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

by Sian Grayson

 Sian Grayson will be teaching our NEW Pregnancy Yoga Class starting on Thursday 4th September at 8pm

Sian Grayson Pregnancy Yoga1. Relax and take care of yourself
Pregnancy yoga offers mamas some time to distress, relax and do some gentle exercise to help care for your changing body and prepare for your labour. Even if you come to class and all you do is sleep it’s totally worth it!

2. Birth Preparation
Yoga teaches us awesome breathing exercises to help you through your labour, to distress, bond with baby, to get to sleep and even to give your lovely unborn baby a sonic massage in the womb, nothing is more important than the breath!

3. The Pelvic Floor
Learning the anatomy of the pelvic floor and how to use the muscles is so important sometimes its all mamas focus on. Known as ‘the three sisters’ yoga teaches us to exercise the 3 different areas of the pelvic floor in order to strengthen them but also to learn how to release them to help baby come into the world more easily.

4. Keep joints healthy
Your body goes though so many changes during pregnancy you need to exercise to help keep the joints healthy. In pregnancy yoga we teach simple exercises to strengthen the pelvis, reduce hip pain and to improve your posture which changes as your baby grows. When you are pregnant your body releases a hormone called Relaxin which loosens your joints and increases your flexibility so it’s important knot to push yourself too far.

5. Bonding with your baby
Classes are focussed on you and your baby and keeping you both healthy until you meet each other and beyond into motherhood. Use this time at class to bond with baby, communicate with baby and enjoy this stage of your journey together.