Welcome to 2020 at Yoga Kula! We’re really excited to share our new timetable of classes with you, and introduce you to the two new teachers joining the Yoga Kula Team.

W E L C O M E    T O    T H E    F A M I L Y

George RuddimanGeorge Ruddiman

George joins us for Flow + Breathe, every Tuesday from 7-8am.

“All my classes have the intention that you leave with a little more peace than you arrived with. I try to assist in deepening inner connection, bringing calm to the mind and body.

My teaching style is gentle, slow and tends to be meditative. I like to focus on breathing and really slowing down so we can perfectly synchronise movement and breath. Mantra is also a huge part of my personal practice so I like to add some where I can when I’m teaching.”


Flow + Breathe is a meditative movement class that explores asanas with a focus on self awareness and introspection. During the class we’ll finesse pranayama and meditation techniques to ground, balance or wake-up and warm; take time to listen to the heart where vital breath begins, whilst expanding, moving and tuning into how the body functions through breath-work, helping you to energise, focus, find deep peace and release from external distractions.  Leave feeling energised, refreshed and calm; ready for the day ahead.

Anna HardyAnna Hardy

Anna joins us for Hot Vinyasa Flow, every Sunday from 8-9am.

“My classes are designed to build strength and flexibility while staying mindfully aware in the practice. I believe that yoga can be empowering for all,  helping to build confidence and a strong sense of well-being. You can expect to leave my classes feeling restored and yet challenged as I invite you to relax and have fun while simultaneously becoming energised, grounded and strong.”

Anna has trained with the British Wheel of Yoga at Tri-Yoga in London, completing a 2-year yoga diploma course with renowned teachers Anna Ashby and Tony Watson, which is also accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Anna is one of the teaching team at Hotpod Yoga, where she leads Hot Vinyasa Flow and nurturing flow classes. You may have already met Anna as she is also part of the core team at Kula HQ!

This is a fun and flowing Vinyasa class taught in a heated 30-33 degree room, using Yoga Kula’s Infrared heating panels. This way the room is hot enough to work up a sweat, but is not so hot that it’s uncomfortable to flow between postures. The heat will allow your muscles to lengthen, while you flow through an ever-changing sequence of poses in rhythm with your breath.

N E W   C L A S S E S

As well as new teachers, we have two new concept classes joining the Yoga Kula timetable this winter. We’re proud at Yoga Kula to be the only studio in the north of England to host regular fireside yoga classes, and we’d love for you to join us.

FiresideAshtanga + Fireside Restorative

Thursdays 10:15-11:30am with Amera Stanforth

Launches Thursday 2nd January // Launch class is F R E E !

Ashtanga + Restorative yoga offers students a class of two halves to encourage a union of the mind and body. The class will begin with a focus on the breath to calm, focus and centre.

Moving through a dynamic Ashtanga-inspired sequence, encouraging a slow-flowing, breath-led practice. Including an edited selection of poses from the primary series, each week will follow a specific theme to energise, uplift and rejuvenate the body.

The second part of the session will bring students into fully supported restorative poses and meditation techniques to find comfort and stillness for deep rest. Enhancing the experience by a warming real fire with specially selected essential oils to create a cosy and relaxing space.
We welcome you to a dynamic class with opportunity to build strength, increase flexibility and calm the mind. You will leave feeling energised, balanced and rested.

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Fireside RestorativeFireside Restorative

Saturdays 12:45-1:45pm with Claire Dambawinna

Launches Saturday 11th January

Give yourself permission to completely rest in this deeply relaxing and restorative fireside yoga class.

We begin with gentle stretches to help the body unwind, releasing any held tensions.

A restorative sequence follows to bring the mind, body and nervous system to a place of deep rest and balance. All poses are floor-based. Blankets, bolsters, faux fur rugs and other props are used to completely support the body enabling longer holdings and safe sense of letting go. Guided meditation helps calm and centre the mind whilst our real flame fire brings warmth, promotes a sense of calm and provides a hypnotic focus. Finally, a long, deeply restorative savasana seals the practice leaving you feeling peaceful and still.

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