We have made a few changes to our timetable for 2019, with new teachers, new classes and new times for a few of our existing classes.



5:15-6:15pm Vinyasa Flow will now be taught by new teacher Binny Saandal

7:45pm-9pm Restorative is now Restorative and Nidra with Catharine Rosenthall



11:30-12:45 Yoga, Pranayama and Relaxation is now Yoga Technique with Rachel Woolhouse  (FREE First Class, click here to book)


1:20-2:30 Yoga for Living with Cancer  with Lara Heppell has had a price reduction, with a single session now costing £6.50



No Class Changes



9-10am Rocket with Pam Vargas is now All Levels 

8-9pm Yoga Technique is now Slow Flow with Binny Saandal



No Class Changes



12:30-1:45 Hatha is now Yoga Technique with Claire Dambawinna



8-9am Hot Vinyasa Flow – is now taught by new teacher Miz DeShannon

9:15 Ashtanga with Julia Knight is now a 75 minute class, running until 10:30am

11am Yin with Julia Knight is now a 75 minute class, running from 10:45-12pm

4:30-5:30pm Hatha will now be taught by Binny Saandal

5:45-7pm Forrest Inspired Flow will become Restorative and Meditation taught by Amanda Winburn